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If that number is real it’s intentional; caused by a politically generated policing and prosecution breakdown. Everyone has a cell phone and Amazon Ring and closed caption cameras are everywhere .. especially the Democrat hellholes where most of this sh*t happens.

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*does not include beer and ammo.

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Oversees gambling and prostitution within the city limits.

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While we are on this topic the double click for Twitter links are annoying as hell also.

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Someone should remind her that they didn’t have television in the 1700’s either.

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Louisiana Ex Gov Eddie Edwards attributed to saying during a campaign that the only way he would loose his election was being caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. (Eventually indicted on extortion charges)

by PoP7
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Contribute to individual candidates you support not the party.

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If she’s applying to change her gender doesn’t that mean she’s applying to become a man? I’m so confused!

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Bad analogy. Everyone knows that in order to become a first year law student you have to be able to not define a woman.

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