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Clotting (ie, stagnant blood) is a significant cause of Septis in the body. It was estimated recently in a study that over half of the current Septis cases maybe clot related

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No Telegram is a very solid, privacy oriented company. Just that many people don’t have it and can’t listen to the video unless they download it (which they should) first.

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Kek, you’re clogging up my vax saved folder. Thanks and keep ‘em coming!

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I’m not sure hospitals are any less woke or corrupt, unfortunately

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Ignore side effects if they happen within the first two weeks followed up by, “how do you know the causation was the shot if it happened over two weeks ago”. Heads I win tails you loose.

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Yes, the machines are sterilized after every use. Normally this is done by a cleaning solution running through the machine which cleans and sterilizes it for the next patients use. This method does not work however when the blood is as thick as jelly and has no viscosity left in it. Then the dialysis machine needs to be dissembled and cleaned out manually. It was somewhere on Telegram’s Covid Vax Injuries. You are welcome to look for it. https://t.me/covidvaccineinjuries

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Coagulation. When normal (pure) blood is drawn for testing it generally will not begin coagulating for at least 30 minutes. Lab technicians are now seeing vaxxed blood beginning to coagulate in sometimes as little as 3 minutes. Similarly, I’ve seen other reports that dialysis machines will have to be turned off and throughly cleaned after as little as a single use by a vaxxer.

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Good friend of mine had one of those. EMS said that if he was not in top shape and lifting weights a few times a week he never would have made it. He’s in his sixty’s and was not vaxxed.

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I wonder how many of the political prisoners will run for Congress when they are released and win. A lot more than expected will be my guess.

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He still is. He took multiple doses of the vaccine and advocated for it even after knowing the truth

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