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The correct terminology is an army of frogs. 🐸

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An interview with Ukrainian’s chief negotiator was just released in the Ukraine. In it he said that during the 2022 peace negotiations the Russian’s only significant condition was that Ukraine remain neutral and that Ukraine stop abusing Russian speaking citizens. He further stated on air that Zelensky rejected the peace deal because Borris Johnson made a visit said NATO would not support this plan. This interview is reverberating throughout the Ukraine. 100,000’s of Ukrainians died for nothing.

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Could you imagine Republicans appointing the first LBTQ+ to head of a major party. Heads would explode. Then again Republicans did elect a POC to the US Senate 150 years before Democrats so maybe not so much.

Edit - luv the fact that this comment triggered some lib troll enough to downvote it. Kek!

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When is the House going to defund these jackasses.

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To be fair it hasn’t happened in a while. We must be heading back into election season.

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There are a few good channels that record what’s really going on over there. China Truths and China Observer are some good ones. Lei’s Real Talk provides excellent hour long, in depth analysis. China Insights is another one which mentioned these stories recently. China Uncensored is also a good source.



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“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

William Casey, former director of the CIA, upon being asked what the goal of the agency was (in 1981).

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Trump offered her the Medal of Freedom twice after Obama passed her over. The first time she refused she claimed her husband was sick with the CoVid. The second time she turned Trump down Dolly claimed she was still worried about catching CoVid. People felt (& many still do) she refused as a bow to the woke mob during a time Trump was especially being hounded by Antifa and the leftards.

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Why don’t they just radio the killer on his hearing aids? /s

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The boiler on the Maine blew up. The US seized on it as an attack and used it as a provocation to declare the Spanish American War. The press echoed the lie to gain national support for the war.

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Translation: this aid is meant for Hamas and/or terrorist groups.

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Not just 46 unfortunately.

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Can’t be worse than 30 Pence.

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DGAF. .. Not my war.

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