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Where can I read more about this?

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This is the answer. She's flawed. Hell, Matt Gatez is far from perfect. That's not the point. Those two are advancing pro-America policies harder than nearly anyone else in congress. Call out bullshit behavior when you see it but don't throw out one of the best politicians just because they are flawed in their personal life. We're trying to advance the ball down the field and she (mostly) helps in that process.

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There's only so many times they can go to this well for character assassination before the masses even don't believe it. True shame because then a few actual predators will probably sneak by after most people start calling BS.

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It could be different lense focal length. That can change the look of someone.

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My brother in Christ, you do NOT want to know.

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James Buchanan, the only batchelor president, was widely suspected of playing for the other team. So probably the 2nd gay president.

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Or just don't store the information to be subject to a warrant in the first place.

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Falling Down went way over my head when I was 12. The older I get the more it makes since.

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If just 20% of the black vote goes Trump that would be a huge shift. Some polls are show about that level of support with black males.

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James Buchanan was the only unmarried president and widely suspected of playing for the other team.

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The shirts are coming.

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Well, why fuk you do that and could you not?

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And now they have frequent blackouts and food shortages.

by Ahayuta
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Oh there will be an attempt or two at it, trust me.

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Had to make sure the emergency authorization for the poke was approved. You couldn't have an effective treatment and an emergency authorization.

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