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That’s what I figure too. I’ve never heard him say that, but it makes excellent sense. Connecting Twitter and money accomplishes that well. All the other parts would likely fall into place with ease.

*It would be a powerful base for a social credit score. I always try to weigh that against his short term altruism.

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He did nothing! Which is the best thing the US government can possibly do right now.

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I’m dying. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is so good.

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Why does kilmeade have such a perpetual Hard on for the war in Ukraine? Was he born there or something? It’s so weird how dedicated his is to the topic, with zero consideration for any other opinion.

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Must not be in line for the throne

He has cia written all over him.

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You aren’t taking it far enough. Trump will run from jail and will win from jail. There is no room for any of them if trump just goes to jail. He (an innocent man) needs to be murdered in jail for them to even be able to run. Do you get that?

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How do I do that? For $5000, I will fly first class to Tucson,take a Porsche to the border, pay a pair of illegals $500 each to hop in and get me a card.

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I hate when good parents raise awful kids. He could have been a good dad. But it seems real likely to me that he dropped the ball. It wasn’t just she was a real rebel, but he totally dropped the ball. That’s what I think when I read either comment on current affairs.

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