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Wow, reading that was a mental quadruple backflip.

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You can call people who hold basic knowledge nerds all you like, it doesn't the change the fact you're a jobless loser, only a jobless loser gets this offended over the internet.

Find a career.

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This is definitely a politics forum.

You can sook and cry about your own ignorance all you like.

Imagine not knowing what the fucking federal reserve is LMAO.

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This is in an Australian sub, we got commie healthcare here, that’s why we have long MRI wait times and our cancer mortality is so high lol

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Lmao good point.

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No, you obviously don't know what the federal reserve is in the first place and what it does, what it's role is.

It's one of the most recognizable buildings in America, if you know absolutely anything about JFK (One of the most famous presidents) then you'd already know what the federal reserve is because of how vocal he was about how much he hated it.

Again, no idea why you're on a politics platform. This platform is literally themed from a fucking President lmao.

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I'm pretty sure everybody knows this, the FDA aren't doctors. Doctors are the ones that peer review data for things like vaccines.

The FDA claims they have the man power to deliver 500 pages a month.

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"Free Vaccine" is another term for "We, the federal government are guaranteeing profits for this private enterprise "

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Unrelated but not really at the same time.

This is what music tuned specifically for cats sounds like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzDritMhnXo&ab_channel=IBTimesUK

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You don't know what the federal reserve building is?

Why the hell are you on a politics platform, dude?

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Yeah, a lot of people seriously do not know what that word means.

The same people calling shit fascist and getting it completely wrong are the same ones supporting ACTUAL fascism.

Like, you know.. Supporting big tech which are private corporations acting as arms of the government. Government warnings on posts, choosing which political speech to censor.

They already support abolishing the police, that's one step closer to fascism. It's only a matter of time before police dpt's are abolished and private authorities are adopted

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She looks like Sal Vulcano when he does his awkward smile, the only difference is Sal does it for comedic purpose.


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Yep, you're right.

It sickens me that we have these creatures roaming the Earth, politically retarded leftists siding with big pharma and big tech over freedom.

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Everyone involved needs to be charged with crimes against humanity.

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"Sometimes when God makes individuals, he's showing off" Mike Tyson

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This is the 2019 Iraq protests those are gas canisters. Let's not swoop to CNN levels, we're better than this.

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Why would I ship half a penny to you?

A penny is already fractional currency.

Here, I will tell you how I would take a $100 note and turn it into 100 $1 bills that I can mail across the globe.

Go into bank > Give hundred bill > get single dollars back > go to post office > mail $1 bills.

Now, if I was a retard and somehow wanted to break a penny in half and send it to you, I would do this.


Now that the penny is broken, I would go to the post office and mail it.

Your turn retard, I love how you're dodging the question that should be simple to answer!

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So the best argument you can put against bitcoin... is that it's, at worst, as bad as gold or silver?

Are you dyslexic and incompetent?

I said the central banks always win. Which they do, they are holding Gold, not Bitcoin.

So in the long term, Gold will always win (I am going by the central banks track record, they're so far undefeated).

Your Bitcoin REQUIRES Gold & Silver.

I'll say it again, your Bitcoin REQUIRES Gold & Silver.

Every single computer requires it.

Bitcoin isn't required to make anything on this Earth. Gold already has that advantage in that's it is a needed material.

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How did we mail things before electricity?

You don't know that Post offices predate electricity? What kind of stupidity is this?

Your turn!! :D

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