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one of them

Yeah, that's the problem. They need to get mowed down in mass groups before their entitlement turns to fear.

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happy Mao noises

More people need better awareness of the Great Leap Forward and how the children were leveraged as weapons.

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"Unlicensed migrants"

We're not getting out of this without a lot of bloodshed.

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Dallas and Houston are lost causes too. Leftist rot to the core.

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Boomer-tards worship LE-BRRRRRRRRT. You're pathetic. The A-10 is absolutely useless in an actual comflict.

Blowing up ragheads in the desert is so easy a fucking Cessna can do it.

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The A-10 is a feeble joke propped up by retarded Redditors stroking themselves off while mumbling "leBRRRRRT leBRRRRRT"

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It's hilarious to watch ignorant MAGA and ignorant Redditors in a circle jerk of retarded takes about how bad the F-35 is.

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Seriously, it doesn't actually prevent infection or spread sufficiently. At best it's functionally a "leaky vaccine" which is VERY FUCKING DANGEROUS.

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