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Ah the good ‘ol days before this epidemic of chronic stupidity.

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Fun fact, never was.

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Thanks for this, fren

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This is how many of the criminals get “paid”.

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The US has 2 teams at the olympics… US Patriots and US Haters. They should wear different colors to make it easier. Oh, and fuck NBC.

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We don’t have the luxury to wait… love it!!

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If any pedes/frens are looking for work or extra income please reach out to me. We are hiring like crazy. You can be any age, live anywhere, and the only skill you need is desire. All training is free. The mission is real. 🙏🏻🇺🇸🔥

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My mother took the Moderna shot 4 months ago and is now in the hospital with a nasty version of AML… leukemia with some “flt3” variant. Nowhere in the family, otherwise the epitome of good health for her age. I doubt a direct connection will ever get made, but hard not to feel the shots had something to do with it.

Now I can’t see either of my parents as both are going through treatments and my liberal sibling is “protecting” them from me. My parents and liberal sibling are programmed sheep. Media victims.

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Sorry fren. Lmk if you are looking for a new career. Seriously.

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As usual, GP is overly dramatic, but I didn’t know CDC linked to VAERS and these numbers are quite incredible.

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Right… so “from” covid is a joke. It really just boils down to “PEOPLE ARE DYING, run for your lives!!!” As if that’s not a normal thing.

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