Parent is a well-intentioned liberal, which is to say incurious/oblivious MSM consumer/victim. I have no intention of taking any of the so-called vaccines, but may be the only immediate family member not to.

I’m praying about this and wanted to share.


I’ve posted about this before. Mom (78) has been diagnosed with acute leukemia seemingly out of nowhere… otherwise super healthy and no known family history. (Moderna jabs in March) Doc describes her having some kind of “FLT3 mutation” of the disease.

Anyway, she said to me last week “after all I’ve done for you and you won’t get the vaccine for me?” and now my uber-lib brother is saying i shouldn’t be allowed to be around her/them unless I’m vaccinated… which I’m not going to do.

I need help with links and support for my position. Am I a horrible person for not doing this as my mother may be dying? How on earth can this be happening?


My mother is late 70’s. She takes care of herself and eats well. Anyone would say she’s in good shape for her age. It’s nowhere in the family history but 3 months after taking the moderna jab she has just been diagnosed with leukemia. Doc mentioned “blasts” or young blood cells that shouldn’t be in the blood stream. Not sure if it’s chronic or acute yet. The nurse did ask if she had a vaccine and which one, so it’s in the database.

I can’t help but think the worst regarding the jab contributing somehow to this. Thought I’d do a post in case others are seeing similar things in their families.

Victoria’s Secret is… (media.patriots.win)
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Amazon is Bureau of Truth now (www.thegatewaypundit.com)
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Flying their BLM and rainbow flags, wealthy liberal white women are just the absolute worst. That is all.

It’s time (media.patriots.win)
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John Chyna (media.patriots.win)
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Serious situation that I’m in need of support and guidance on. 79yo mom and 82yo dad still aren’t willing to have their unvaccinated kids or grandkids over to the house. It’s the saddest thing... they watch the “news” and feel fully informed, but it’s CBS, NBC, CNN, WP, NYT, NPR, PBS etc. They don’t want to hear opposing views because of course that would be improperly political where theirs are neutral and unbiased. I give them grace for their age but they won’t even hear opposing viewpoints. They think it’s more unreasonable that we won’t get the jab than it is them demanding we do. It’s unreal and beyond sad.

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