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ITs called a strawman argument - it's meant to lead you down a road you can't win.

As soon as you defend your right to have a firearm on the basis of being able to hunt, they win.

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They're gonna flex first and we're gonna let them get a REALLY GOOD punch in on our faces.

And then they'll get the living shit kicked out of them.

This is the natural order of things.

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There is nothing new under the sun.

“Much of the graffiti at Pompeii seems surprisingly modern this way. Ancient inscriptions include declarations of love (“Health to you, Victoria, and wherever you are may you sneeze sweetly."); insults (“Sanius to Cornelius: Go hang yourself!”); and remembrances (“Pyrrhus to his chum Chias: I'm sorry to hear you are dead, and so, goodbye!”).

“The oldest known graffiti at Pompeii also happens to be among the simplest: Gaius was here. Or, more precisely, “Gaius Pumidius Diphilus was here," along with a time stamp, which historians have dated to October 3, 78 B.C. It's a classic.

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why the fuck, for any of the above.

why does gay sex have to be a part of every fucking plot

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Gods Covenant not to flood the world (which if you knew your lore, would imply 'because of mass degeneracy/deviancy run amok').... Again...

So they use the Rainbow for butt sex and wave it in the air...

Kind of a giant fuck you, if you ask Jesus

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It's referring to President Trump, they banned him from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc..

Where the fuck have you been?

Biden isn't the PResident.

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Gives meaning to "See you on the other side"

Who 'here' on this site... will live to see the Calm/Complacent future after the wars..

Many of us might die old veterans in a bunker somewhere, but I do wonder who among us will actually see the other side of this.

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Have recognized it for a long time. (Many here have too).

It's all relative my friend. There were pedes in the 60s screaming the same thing we are now. They were right, "in 50-60 years we're all fucked".

The 50-60 years thing... it's a real bugger. It could be 90 years. I could be tomorrow. You saw how fast the world adopted covid restrictions/lockdowns. You saw how fast the world ACCEPTED restrictions.

Talk about litmus test.

That 50-60 years thing... it's a real tricky variable to guess. If it's in our lifetime we're going to have to act. There's no room for 'fence sitters' in a civil war. You either participate or you GTFO... one way or another... flee.. or die.. or fight.

When you've run the gamut of scenarios in your head and you've prepped for everything, eventually you're dealing with the 50-60 years thing.

My advice (i'm 35, so take that for what it is), get prepared for anything and everything. Make a bug out bag. You can't really 'do' much more than that. You gonna drive your badass truck down the highway with 4 tons of canned food? Not likely.

You blend in, get out, regroup and then you have all the free time in the world to prep/live/fight. There's nothing Else to do at that point. For now - you have to keep saving for retirement, playing monopoly, pay your bills, don't write hate speech online etc etc etc.. if you've ever played Monopoly you'll know...

The game almost always ends with someone else giving up/flipping the table/the bank is stealing etc.. It's inevitable. But is it 5 years or 5 months, or 50-60 years.

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We are witnessing the greatest wealth transfer from boomers to their kids and the government wants to stop that dead in its tracks.

They won't pay out life insurance policies if there are mass deaths. The insurance companies can only stay in business when there are 'regular numbers' of yearly deaths/benefit payouts.

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"Sorry, we didn't receive the email yet..."

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It's true - The Dominion of Canada is the reason 'dominion' is a common term in Canuckistan.

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I spoke to John a couple of years ago just before he dropped off the radar...

contacted him on Facebook believe it or not.

I offered to install his new 'Sentinel' frequency blocker on my property to beta test it, along with his new 'smart phone'

It wasn't ready yet to ship to anyone.

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with fully detachable bump stocks

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Starring Dakota Fanning as President Xi

Dwayne THE ROCK Johnston as The Doctor

featuring music from Lady Gaga

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Apparently Women can't be doctors in China...





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