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Fuck this guy. Don’t care if he is ultra-Trump. Put a fucking tie on. This isn’t middle school, intramural kickball. Put a fucking tie on.

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Are you a bot or a dumbass?

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You keep equating evil with Islam instead of equating evil with evil. The devil walks in all religions.

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She’s bought and paid for. It’s clear

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How deep are you making the hole you’re digging for yourself, jackass?

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Not mine. Credit to “The right to bear memes” on Twitter

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I think there was a meeting between shills and you all agreed to meet in one post and get DV’d into oblivion.

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You do the leg work. It’s not hard to find. Trump says he thinks the mandate was to distract from the Afghanistan debacle. Anyhow, find it yourself. You are the one who posted this nonsense. Do the research now that you should have done prior to vomiting this garbage, clown.

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Stupid post. Trump made a statement about the mandate, dumbass

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Thought this was going to be interesting and then I clicked the link and realized you’re an idiot.

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What many of you younger people don’t realize is they exempted themselves from Obamacare also, when that was made law. We didn’t stand up then and probably won’t stand up now, and when we finally realize that we HAVE to, the deck will already have been stacked in their favor.

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