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Exactly, SNAP. 🤣

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Are they charging because he's an citizen of Israel too? If that's the case, when are they charging over half those in charge of this country?

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Awesome, thank you!

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Dumb question. How do you keep the weeds/grass growing by the plants and between the rows?

Are you pulling them by hand?

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It's a privately owned company, no? He can do what he wants with his company. Learn to code and make your own Twitter. I don't fully agree with Musk on a lot of things, but that's what makes this country great. We can disagree on some, agree on some.

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Is this after they "accidentally" added another 0 on the other package?

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while in a bathtub on TikTok to her more than 10 million followers

Funny way of saying "his"

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Right? Republican heavy state senate and house, republican gov and Lt governor, but federal is democrat.. yeah makes sense.

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Source: Elementary School/Middle School Biology

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After all the blood tests done by doctors on normal checkups I find it extremely hard right believe the elites don't already know.

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He's dead. It's going to keep extending like the "Covid emergency."

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Those shoes... I still can't wrap my head around them.

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Thought the same thing. Our dumb bastards crow about the same time yours do. 3 hours later the sun finally comes up. 😂

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LOL. DIE... I mean DEI. West Taiwan and Russia are forming ties, Taliban armed with our military hardware, Ukraine draining our accounts while Fed prints more monopoly money and these are our "heroes?"

Founding fathers were right about a standing military. Our government has become corrupted to the core.

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