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KEK to all the dumb ass boomers who thought they could sit by and watch our country get fleeced. They all thought they could live the rest of their retirement living off the fake appreciation of their house and suckling off big daddy government.

The time of reckoning is approaching, I'm a shark in the water and I taste blood. It's going to be a feeding frenzy.

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McDonalds operates a public health crisis for profit - they certainly are responsible for millions of people's deaths due to obesity related diseases.

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Only a matter of time before we have drag queens presiding over the House or Senate.

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There was a potential leak of the Integrity 178B Operating System through south america. Guess what planes use this as their operating system. Our military has likely been completely compromised. The images they share of the wreck I'm not able to make out any significant remains of an airplane.

I suspect it's all fake - plane might have been hacked, forced pilot to eject then they flew the plane out over the ocean to crash as a sign of force.

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No Trial - Straight To Death Penalty for both these dumb asses.

If you video yourself clearly committing murder for funsies it should be straight to the needle.

Forcing tax payers to pay for a trail would be cruel and unusual punishment.

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She will win because democrats steal elections and their supporters couldn't care less so long as their extremists team win.

There is no truth but power to these communists.

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Is that before or after she ate all her constituents?

I'm sorry I'll never take disgusting fat people seriously.

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Just like getting stuck with a wife or husband who refuses to be fiscally responsible. We need a divorce from this abusive relationship.

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Watch any of this guys videos. Odds are it will be an idiot with massive student loan debt who decided to rack up credit card debt and buy a new car when they paused payments. These idiots thought they were going to get a free ride by voting democrat.

The fall out from this will be massive and hilarious. Those of us sitting on piles of cash are about to see car prices drop like a rock when the repo's go parabolic.


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I like the idea of making them liquidate the endowments to pay off all these student loans. Many Universities are sitting on billions in their endowments. There is zero reason tax payers should pay to fix the corruption in the education system.

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She's either the worlds worst epidemiologist or she's a liar.

The massive gaps on the side of her mask offer zero protection - even beyond the cloth/paper mask which is dubious at best and a worst actually worse for you with respect to taking it off and on and never washing your hands - which nobody does.

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Guns are a tool - not a weapon.

You can hunt with a gun to provide yourself and family with food. You can also save your life with one.

Weapons have no other purpose but to kill such as bombs, fighter jets, missiles.

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"The new BRICS Development Bank “has disbursed only $33 billion worth of loans so far in its existence, roughly one-third of what the IMF has disbursed in a year.”

I don't know seems like there is a bank out there creating loans under BRICS to the tune of 33 billion 1/3 of what the IMF distributed in a year.

Seems to be working albeit maybe slowly. These comments made my India and Brazil were likely made to put the idiots in charge of our currency at ease while ignoring the obvious.

They are doing it and it's working.

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If he pulls this off Trump is a total failure. He should have done the same climate emergency then stop the 2020 election in the interest of saving the environment or some other nonsense.

Too many paper ballots requires to much forest destruction.

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US Warships were slow to respond due to an all hands on cock tranny drag event being held on the poop deck.

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I see no problem with this Hawaii absolutely loves democrats. It's about time they meet their true policy stance. I only hope they start seizing the land of everyone there to house "refugees from South Africa"

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I'm out - been an XBox fan since day 1. I won't be purchasing anymore XBox games or systems. I won't be renewing my live subscription and I just cancelled my game pass.

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They really need to end the hyperbolic headline bullshit. It's the first thing the left attacks and since they frequently exaggerate their headlines it gives the opposition an easy out. Even if the article is factually correct putting false hyperbolic statements in the headlines is enough for leftists to discredit the statements made.

What then happens is when people talk about this the left dogpile and attack the headline constantly.

They aren't helping their cause at all with these crappy headlines.

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Never forget the bell curve for intelligence. 1/3 of the worlds populations are effectively retarded and to think we allow these people to vote.

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Unions look out for corporations and politicians interests. This headline only applies to full time workers with years of experience. Guess how many full time drivers UPS will be putting on staff - a lot fewer in the future. More money for the elites less and less for the people who actually make the real economy function.

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Native American's boycotting the Redskins because they changed their name?

I'm pretty sure they don't even watch football much less the redskins.

Personally I think they should have renamed the team to the Washington Skinners.

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