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IIRC some genetic thing like weak cartilage. For some reason the ribs aren't as stiff so were squeezing on his organs.

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It's always a white woman with a black husband, and their Hispanic kids.

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Kinzinger is a Democrat. Can't stand this guy, hopefully we can vote him out

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Ben forced his staff to stop talking about The Steal when orders came down from the Neocon/Uniparty elites just a couple days after the election. He's just another neocon grifting off the Red vs Blue fake narrative.

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Bullshit. Peaceful revolution happens all the time, particularly within republics, and it has already happened several times within the US. HOWEVER so has violent revolution, so it's important to be prepared for either outcome. But we are proceeding with a peaceful revolt now, taking back govt from the ground level up.

OP is either ignorant of history, or glowing like a Russian nuke plant.

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Yeah, but China will mop up the rest when our society collapses

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Frankly, this lack of research and follow through is typical of millennial liberals.

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Yeah, we looked at 5 schools, the highest rated catholic school had a principle who came up on the public school side and had the same vibe, pandering to whatever the shitty parents wanted. We NOPED out of there for our second pick, very close in ratings, which seemed full of pretty devout Catholics who are ignorant of political foibles. We are also keeping a VERY close eye on the school and are prepared to make a huge public stink at the slightest hint of Equity.

Of course, lessons at home never end, as well.

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Every time that happens, Dems fight against it, because racial and sexual differences become more obvious.

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Yep. When several Dems "didn't make the flight out in time" I mentioned then that this was all a Uniparty ruse. Dems can say they fought, Repubs can say they fought and 'won' but its all a scam to get reelection money.

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Better stay on Facebook and Twitter then, if something so minor offends you.

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They make wheel gun rifles, and revolvers that take shotgun shells, not sure I've ever seen both together. And I doubt they would be pump action. Typically you don't want your fingers in front of the cylinders in case of a chain fire.

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My kids vetted Catholic School starts in 2 weeks. When we asked about CRT and equity they were confused, never heard about them. I'm sure they know now with the flood of students they've received in the past weeks.

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I don't live in fear of lots of things, but I own insurance

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How do you say "They're Communists" without saying They're Communists

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Even here pedes refuse Gab because some people they don't agree with use a word they don't like.

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