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Which of Jesus' examples were false humility? You're clearly struggling because you refuse the truth but are trigger happy with foolishness and lies. You probably need to go back and read again what I said because your reply not only doesn't fit and at best reveals your hypocrisy.

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Literally preached on this yesterday!
👋🏻 to fedbois, fedgals and ai watching

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Jesus washed the feet to remind the Jews of humility. They all forgot to do their hospitable deeds to a guest. Their guest just so happened to be the Supreme King of kings.

It wasn't just Jesus' friends. His disciples neglected to do it for ANY guest in their home, not just their friends or family.

In fact this lesson is further exemplified in Luke 14:7-15 particularly 12-15.

If you're going to rail on Protestants, make sure you understand the Scriptures and not Catholic Doctrine instead.

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Imagine being so self absorbed you want a selfie or a news photo while giving your screaming child a needle.

Mentally ill bitch will pay a massive price one day.

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…and they are still fleeing (on the run) and they now have a fugitive warrant out:

but wait, there’s more. They were so tired of running from the police they were found laying low in some building basement in Detroit:

You’re a dunce.

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Why do you make outrageous assumptions? Your mind is made up, clearly you don't want to be motivated by facts.
Their politics do not matter. If you cannot understand that kindly shut up.

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Quite the stretch inconsistent with all factors presently known. I know you want to work overtime to make up an excuse for these people but their lawyers would have had an easier time covering for them as "laying low due to credible threats" by stating in advance they had worked for safe passage to meet the police and turn themselves in.

Not sure if you overlooked the part where it talks about their lawyer explaining to the police that the accused stopped responding to messages from counsel and the fact that the police did not have any knowledge of safe passage in place meaning it wasn't a pursued option.

I think you even neglected the part where the lawyer is caught in a lie and the police point out the lie here:

After the attorneys for the Crumbley parents claimed they were returning to face charges, local law enforcement said they were unaware of such an arrangement.

'If they are, it's news to us,' Undersheriff Mike McCabe told ABC News, saying authorities still don't know where the couple is located.

It gets worse when you look at the details instead of just making up nonsense to cover for the parents.

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Their lawyer isn't telling the truth. This is saying "They fled but I wouldn't call it fleeing myself."

The reason they are turning themselves in is because their lawyer knows this and has insisted in them cooperating and turning themselves in.

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Did you see that the parents fled?

I kinda laugh at the others down voting me. The parents will be found guilty of some things I am sure alas innocent until proven guilty. I think if they were innocent, they would not flee. I suspect they know what's up and this is far beyond parental negligence.

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Sorry for the loss of your mother my friend. My heart goes out to you. I lost my mother 24 years ago as I was then a young teenager. I share in your pain my friend. May the Lord help heal you and bind your heart!

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This is not correct at all and wouldn't pass muster in the courts.

I do not believe the parents should have locked up the gun, no, I believe the parents knew their child was sinister and planning evil. We shall see.

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I totally believe the parents have blood guilt in this story. May the truth be evident to all.

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Death Cultist. Wrong on most things, yet the Canadian people do nothing and frankly support this death goblin’s opinions.

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Came here to say this. Same with my company within 1 hour or so of the verdict.

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