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Power is doing heinous shit in public and being immune from the consequences

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The campaign is to collect as many ballots as possible and deny your opponents ballot

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Every time you hear Dem election and Marc Elias just know it's the alphabet boys rigging your election in the open, proudly.

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The trollish nature of this smells of Elon but the Kanye angle makes me think Wall St EGOP gave Ye a get out digital gulag pass for the op.

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No bid construction contracts

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"He bought a crime scene" S.K.B

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My six pack isn't as large and defined as Marky Mark but still very visible against my obliques. Try fasting a few times a week 16 hrs and leave yourself an 8 hr window to eat. Skip breakfast and have lots of healthy fats- Avocado, Macadamia or Pecans, EVOO, Bacon, Eggs, butter, Sour Cream. Don't drink your calories and avoid cheap seed oils, hfcs, and processed simple carbs like the plague.

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Invert the food pyramid. Nobody should have 5+ servings of cheap grains a day.

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The parks are basically running the Social Credit Score model. Reservations for everything, including admission to the park. Microtransactions to ride the rides you want. Check-in here, scan that there, 5 hour wait lines. No thanks.

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But not compromising national security....is a national security risk kek

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How was China supposed to leap frog us without their Manchurian candidate from the basement with more votes than Captain Kenya

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