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Do you really think that voting will count next time? Why the Fuck do so many people think we will magically win again and they won't just steal it again and again and again? This planet is doomed.

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The comments in Twitter seem to make it seem real. He said in another comment that he is now getting a ton of Job offers. If that's true, I really want off this planet already lol.

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I don't know who you're talking about but I'm definitely not one of those femnazi cunts. Stop lumping all women into one collective hive mind like we aren't individual human beings, it's ridiculous. Yes there are a lot of cunt women but there are a lot of pathetic cuck "men" as well.

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You guys are reading my mind. Sometimes I truly believe that those who fully reject Jesus Christ and fully embrace sin, lose their souls completely. I just cannot fathom being this disgustingly evil and heartless.

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I like that a lot. When I'm depressed I admit I have less desire to dress up and go out but as a lady, I love clothes and dressing in cute outfits. It really does make me feel better about myself. I would love it if we went back to men wearing suits and ladies wearing dresses. I think that would be awesome. A nice outfit can make even average people waaay more attractive. So I'm with you on this one.

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I'm never mean to them. I rant a lot here but I'm not the kind of person to be mean to anyone unless they are rude to me first. In reality I feel sorry for these people more than anything and I feel they need serious help. Mentally and spiritually.

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I have plenty of compassion but feeding into their delusions helps NO ONE. They need mental help not validation. That's also the problem. Tolerating this shit us NOT showing them love. Feeding their delusions is causing more harm. This "peace and love" bullshit is just that. Bullshit. They need serious mental help not jobs as teachers or any position of power frankly. You can show compassion without being weak.

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Do you support this movement where a Doctor who is clearly in their right mind is taking advantage of someone who clearly NOT in their right mind? Do you support doctors mutilating the mentally ill? Do you realize most trans are very depressed and MANY commit suicide after surgery? Do you really think these demonic doctors should get paid to mutilate these people? Paid big money for it? If you do you are part of what's wrong with society today. You accept this degenerate shit and you support the down fall of society. You are probably also pro baby murder. It's sad that the evil humanity will accept in the name of "tolerance."

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I stopped at "brother." I"m a woman faggot. A woman without a penis. I didn't read the rest of your comment. There is no point. Anyone who sticks up for this demonic shit as if it's normal needs Their asses kicked. Youre a fag who would rather defend dudes with wounds between their legs instead of real women. So fuck off.

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I unfortunately knew by the time I was 10 because of TV and stuff but I DID NOT believe it was normal EVER. Actually when I was really little I knew already in my soul what a boy and a girl was and what was right and wrong. This is how I KNOW groomers are responsible for queerness. I always knew I liked boys even when I was 5. (I'm a female just to be clear lol ) I had a crush on older teenage boys too. At 5 I had a crush on Marty Mcfly in the Back to the Future trilogy. But my knowledge of queer shit was non existent at that age.

Example. I used to watch the Simpsons with my dad when I was a little kid. Yes my dad allowed me to watch it really young but it was fine because I was kept innocent. In the old episode where Homer Grows his hair back and gets a better Job, he hires what today would be an obviously gay assistant who had a crush on Homer. But as a kid this went right over my head. I was an innocent child and I thought "wow that guy really likes Homer! He would do anything for him! What a good friend! That's what friendship is all about!" Lol. Kids do not think about sex, so these degenerates trying to shove sexuality down kid throats need be to be shot.

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Uh okay. Trust me my family does just fine. Stop being a fucking pussy and running away from everything. Fucking FIGHT BACK! Also if you think your shitty so called "red" states" are immune to this shit you're naive. Conservatives are WEAK and stupid. They allow liberal CUCKS to take over the best land And push all conservatives to the shitty bug infested swamps. Just because you have a conservative government does NOT mean your crappy states are immune to this shit. Trust me they are not. Libtards are EVERYWHERE. Here is an example of conservatives being stupid and weak. A lot of CA cucks moved to shitty swampy bug infested Florida then got hit by a damn hurricane. I'm sure they regretted it. This is actually the deep states plan and our side is too fucking stupid to see it. Talk idiot conservatives into moving to hurricane infested states while they steal all the best land for the themselves. No I will stay and fight. Not to brag but my family makes enough money to live here and then some. We do just fine. My dad worked his ass off though. So my family earned our right to stay here. Honestly if we go to some other shitty state we could afford a ton of land with a damn mansion. But its not worth it to me. I've no desire to leave my home state. And not to be harsh but I'm sick of hearing this from people who are stuck in shittier states to just give up on Cali. Yes realistically once you leave Cali it's too expensive to ever come back. We may have a ton of rich asshole libtards but my family I will admit is well off compared to many in other states. And my family earned it. Oh also they say CA has crime but the crime in the neighborhood I grew up in is statistically extremely low compared to most other areas in the country. Long story short I'm not giving the fuckers the best state and letting them push us to the below zero states and the fucking swamps. That is all.

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I actually agree with you. Also no offense to other states, but I've been to many states and Letting the commie shit heads take over the most diverse state that has many of the most beautiful places in the world it's fucking stupid and weak as hell. Also we grow TONS of food here, we have one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, Yosemite, Redwoods, diverse landscapes etc, etc. People seem to think CA is L.A and San Francisco but it's so much more. And the people who think running is the answer piss me the fuck off. What happens when commies take over every state? No where left to run to? CA was a VERY conservative state before and there is a reason why liberal fucks have crushed this state so hard. I don't care what anyone says. Other states blow weather wise, and in many cases scenery wise. Florida is a humid swamp that deals with constant hurricanes, has no mountains and is infested with bugs and large reptiles that can eat my dog. No thanks. Texas is also mostly flat and boring so I really have no desire to move there. Great people but not for me. Many states are too damn cold, others too hot, others boring as fuck. I can go on and on. Also I don't get why people think that just because the current Governor of a state is conservative that it makes that state perfect and immune to commie fucks. Give me a break. All conservative states are STILL filled with commie fucks just like libtard states. They are EVERYWHERE. So no I'd rather stay and fight. We have way more conservatives in CA than people think so I'm tired of being told to just give up.

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Does he realize that he just ruined himself for women for life? Women who would date that are less than one percent of the population. Gross as F. What the heck is wrong with people? Real women want a real MAN. A manly masculine man. Why the F would you completely ruin yourself for the opposite sex if you liked the opposite sex? Okay sorry. I'm just utterly confused. Satan is running rampant on earth right now.

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Your bitter hatred of women is shining through. You're a male version of "The View" hags. Most likely a fat, disgusting LOSER who has nothing to offer a woman and is now angry at every woman on earth, even little girls. Pathetic.

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I totally agree. Sorry guys but as a woman I find grown men who watch anime to be an extreme turn off and thank God my Fiance does not watch that shit. Most of the animation is honestly terrible too. All the characters are drawn with the same faces and the only thing that sets them apart is the hair. The anime creators actually admitted that the reason they draw the characters with wild stupid hairdos is because their style of drawing faces is so standard that they HAVE to draw crazy hair in order to even set characters apart. I know this because I actually did a report on Anime in a Community College media arts class years ago. also yes the male characters all do look like girls. And I don't really get having crushes on cartoon characters as adults anyway. Bleh. Just how I feel.

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You know you can also scroll by posts you don't like. That's not hard either. This is more propaganda for kids. Pedowood still influences a lot of idiots wither you like it or not and still needs to be talked about because it should be completely dismantled. Many normie parents still just sit their kids in front of the TV and Don't even know their kids are watching sick, satanic trans propaganda. And again, scrolling by a post is also super easy. I see a lot of dumb ass posts on this site, such as stupid memes that don't deserve thousands of likes but it takes a second to scroll by.

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No I heard he also jumped on the bandwagon unfortunately. Not sure why he's not in this pic. But anyway all actors are proving themselves to be sell out whores.

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