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And words have definitions, which we must agree on in order to communicate.

Only a university brainwashing program can push a human to pre-caveman levels of thinking.

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I don't worry when Trump endorses RINOs. Some people claim that it's because he doesn't know, or is new to politics, but I think it's because he has ulterior motives, and I can only guess what those motives might be.

For example, Trump put Fauci front and center, in public view. But Trump didn't do that because he trusted Fauci, on the contrary, Trump wanted Fauci to destroy himself, to show the public that Fauci is a fraud, and so is the WHO, etc.

Trump is playing games with the enemy, making them think he is fooled when he is not, and so on. It's all Sun Tsu stuff, and somehow it all seems to work out in the end, for example, look how many people now realize that the RINOs are with our enemies.

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I don't have a link to the EO. What I had was multiple, independent pundits, with much better sources than I have, all reporting the same thing, back in 2020.

First, Trump created Space Force, and put it in charge, to get above the corruption in various parts of the military.

Next, the military was tasked with observing the election, and presenting a report on whether it was rigged, and whether there was foreign interference. We never heard the results of that report, but obviously it was "yes" on both counts, thus the military was tasked with helping to restore a legitimate government.

Currently, the plan is to try to restore the government peacefully, through the voting booth and the courts, rather than resorting to a military coup, and possible civil war.

We've seen other evidence that the military does not consider Biden to be the Commander-in-Chief. We've seen soldiers who do not salute Biden, and other soldiers who do salute but are fake (uniform is wrong). We saw Biden beg Poland (IIRC) to send their planes to bomb Ukraine, rather than sending in the U.S. Air Force (Poland told Biden to take a hike). Cheyenne Mountain is still locked up tight, and on full alert -- why? Plus some other things I can't remember at the moment.

I can't tell you who is in charge of the military at this point, or whether they still consider Trump to be Commander-in-Chief.

As to Ukraine, Russia is totally dominating. That's why Zelensky tried the false flag by firing missiles at Poland, to get NATO directly involved. If they are going to lose Ukraine, then the Dems and the Globalists want it bombed into dust, to hide their crimes.

But it's too late, because Russia has already uncovered the evidence. You may have seen the tragic video of the Russian soldier talking about occupying the building which held a Ukraine plant for child organ harvesting:


Regarding hesitance over the booster, that is another example of the plan working. If Hillary had won in 2016, the globalist plan was for us to be locked down for multiple years, and then, when we were all sick and starving, to bring out a tested, approved, and mandatory Vax. They would also offer food assistance, but only if the community gave up its guns (as Stalin did in Ukraine).

But Trump forced them to bring out the Vax too early. Thus, continued lockdowns couldn't be justified, and the not-fully-approved Vax could not be made mandatory. That allowed many people to avoid the Vax, while many others got saline (since the production of the real thing hadn't been ramped up), until the proper mistrust of the whole Pandemic/Vax scam could form. The Globalists may try the whole thing again, but they'll have a harder time getting away with it.

After the 2020 election, the fact that people were not locked down, combined with the fact that there were so many unvaxxed people who weren't dying, forced the Democrats to back off the Pandemic emergency measures. If, on the other hand, Trump had still been in office, the Dems would have pushed harder to continue the lockdowns, so they could blame Trump for the resulting economic chaos.

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If my post was Operation Trust, then I (and Trump) would be telling everyone to relax, because we've already won.

But I didn't say that, in fact, I said the opposite.

I specifically said, "It won't happen overnight," and that we have to "keep going the way we have been going, keep making the elections more secure, and keep getting MAGA candidates elected."

In other words, work hard, because that's what is needed to win.

And most importantly, contrary to the glowie doomers, some of whom responded here, DON'T GIVE UP -- KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!

We are succeeding, so, as long as we don't quit, we will win, and the Globalists will be removed. (*)

(*) - Not permanently, of course. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

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LOL. On Twitter, your post would have probably come with the coke-snorting-guy meme.

The proof that we are winning is all around us, but we have to stay calm, and look past the gas-lighting by the media, and the army of glowies who have infested this site -- they are trying to demotivate us, and provoke us to commit violence. Failing that, they want to divide us with racism, and get us to give up on trying to secure the elections (the thing they fear the most).

Why are the Democrats so desperate to convince other countries to go to war in Ukraine? Because Putin is wrapping up their money-laundering and human-trafficking operations, and revealing their corruption.

Why don't the Democrats send in the U.S. army? Because they can't -- per Trump's 2020 Execituve Order, the military monitored the foreign-assisted 2020 election theft, and assumed an independent stance, not answerable to the illegitimate "President."

Why are the Democrats still going after Trump, if they control the elections? Because they don't, in fact, control the elections. Their cheating is being curtailed, and they will have even less control in 2024.

How is it that the media now has less than a 10 percent trust factor? Why is CNN laying off its reporters? How are Trump and Kari Lake so popular, with 100 percent of the mainstream media against them? We did that -- it was part of the plan. We now control the narrative with our "alternate" media.

And how is it that even the majority of historical Democrat voters have come over to our side, when, if Trump had won in 2020, they would have held violent protests across the country? Because letting the Democrats steal the 2020 election, and over-confidently start imposing their Agenda 2030 program, was part of the plan. The public saw what they did, and saw the result, and they don't like it.

You have to look at all the pieces, and you will see that they are coalescing like the plot-points of a well-written movie. It's not a coincidence that everything is starting to come out, all together -- the Covid-Vax conspiracy, the Ukraine corruption, Hunter's laptop, the election theft, and so on -- and is even getting coverage on mainstream media.

Take heart, my Fren. Things are moving in the right direction. Listen to Trump -- he's not just blowing smoke when he says where we are headed -- he knows -- he helped write the plan.

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True, but we're taking the country back.

It won't happen overnight. Nevertheless, we've already taken back the soapbox, and we're currently working on the ballot box.

Look at what happened in the 2022 election. We got 219 out of 235 of Trump's picks elected.

We also took back the House. And we did that, despite the fact that the Democrats were desperate to keep it, and were cheating harder than they ever have before -- so hard it was obvious to everyone.

Even if the courts don't side with Kari Lake to stop the fraud this time, sooner or later it will be stopped. The fraud only worked in the past because the people didn't believe it was happening. The people are awake now.

If we keep going the way we have been going, keep making the elections more secure, and keep getting MAGA candidates elected, America will be free again.

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I bet that's how they figured out what she was doing in the first place -- because her death rate wasn't meeting the quota.

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Thanks. I knew the story, but I had successfully ignored it. Now this darned OP -- u/Jjones23/ -- posts a meme that's good enough to save, and I couldn't remember any details for the file name. ;-)

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That's clever control of the narrative on the part of the elites.

Fauci, Tedros, and a lot of politicians in the U.S. and elsewhere, need to receive the death penalty.

So what do they do?

They put the initial focus on India. Why? Because India is one of the few places where the government mostly did the right thing.

India had been distributing HCQ and Ivermectin from the start, and so had a very low Covid (or the flu, whatever) death rate.

But, when India started distributing the Vax, the death rate soared.

What did India do? They arrested their health minister, stopped pushing the Vax, went back to Ivermectin, and the death rate came back down.

Shortly after that, one of India's largest provinces, with a population similar to the U.S., reported that they had effectively eliminated Covid, thanks largely to Ivermectin. It was a medical miracle that Western media did their best to cover up.

So now, what a surprise, the investigation into Vax-distribution crimes starts in India. I assume the idea is that the investigation will lose steam, and our anger will have subsided, by the time they get around to the real criminals in the WHO, Pfizer, the U.S. and State governments, and so on.

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Yep. Plus, lets not forget that the CDC admitted that their test couldn't tell the difference between Covid and the flu. And elderly people, or people with comorbidities, do die from the flu.

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I've heard the criticisms of Rand's writing style, and I've never agreed with them. I like her style -- I find it clear, concise, descriptive, and easy to read.

You might enjoy this article comparing the writing of Ayn Rand versus that of James Joyce:


And you're right about the elites being Ayn Rand villains. Ironically, she was criticized for making her villains so purely evil (and her heroes so good -- the critics wanted shades of gray), yet the evil of her villains pales compared to that of today's Leftists.

Also ironically, today's elites (especially in Hollywood) actually like Ayn Rand because they view themselves as Rand's heroes, and therefore superior to everyone else, and therefore justified to do as they please. They don't realize that they are the villains, whom Ayn Rand sees, correctly, as weak and hollow people.

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No, Dr John Campbell hasn't changed his line. He is still doing what he has always done, which is to obfuscate the facts around Covid and the Vax, to provide cover for the Covid tyranny.

He purposely gets into details, so that the simple and necessary information (e.g. very few people die from Covid) gets lost in the weeds. He acts as a honeypot for people seeking Covid information, then makes it seem too complicated (and boring) for ordinary people to understand.

The only thing that has changed is that now he is admitting that, just maybe, based on new information, the Vax might be a little bit harmful for some people.

As usual, he is protecting the powers-that-be, by pretending that this is something new, based on an analysis of statistics, and that there was no way it could have been foreseen.

Of course, the truth is the opposite. We've had the proof that the Vax is harmful for over a year, yet they kept pushing it anyway. In fact, Pfizer's own testing showed that the Vax was harmful, and they hid it to get approval.

The truth is that anyone with a first-year college course in biology, who knows how anti-bodies and the immune system work, could have predicted the side-effects we are seeing from the mRNA Vax. If every cell in the body, including heart-muscle and nerve cells, is producing a spike protein that the immune system wants to attack, then those cells could also end up coming under attack, with exactly the results we are seeing (tremors, seizures, heart attacks, Lupus, and so on).

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Interesting. Thanks for the alternate perspective.

As almost always, the government acts by centralizing control, and aggravating the problem, instead of providing the knowledge and the freedom that would allow the people to deal with the problem themselves, in more subtle and effective ways.

As an example, compare how FEMA handled the hurricane-flooding in New Orleans, versus Florida's recent faster-and-more-effective hurricane recovery.

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Um, let's not forget that those rules say it's okay to rape a male child if you "feel the need."

You may recall the Somali man, who did this at a public pool change room, who was surprised that anyone had a problem with it.

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I'm sure most of the protesters are regular, downtrodden Chinese people who want more freedom. Good for them!

That said, I can't help feeling suspicious about the timing.

And I can't help wondering whether Soros and the U.S. Deep State might be helping to instigate these protests.

I can think of three reasons why the American Left and Globalists might want these protests, and might want to remove Xi:

  1. It distracts the news away from talk of investigating Democrats' crimes, now that the GOP hold the House.

  2. Xi is working with Putin to push the BRICs currencies, in place of the Petro-Dollar.

  3. There have been suggestions that Xi (along with Trump and Putin) is part of a plan to bring down the Globalists.

I think it was Catherine Austin Fitts (when Alex Jones asked her about some event) who said:

Well, the first thing I would ask is, why are they showing me this?

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I would so love to be a reporter covering this...

Director Tedros: Next question?

Me: Director Tedros, when I refer to monkeypox, I am referring to monkeys, the animal in which the virus originates. But you are saying that "monkey" is referring to a race of humans? So tell me, which race is it that you think is comparable to monkeys?

Director Tedros: U-u-u-h...

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As in the A Bug's Life quote: "You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up. Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one. And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life! It's not about food. It's about keeping those ants in line."

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It's The Hill, so it's Leftist propaganda, of course.

And one clear propaganda goal is to drive a wedge into the real-life rift in the Republican party, between the RINOs and the true Conservatives.

But the more important propaganda payload is contained Trojan Horse-style. It's designed to pass straight into the subconscious of the reader.

The way the article does that is to state the propaganda, not as a conclusion, but as an assumption -- a fact that we are all supposed to just accept as obviously true.

You can see that propaganda is a number of places, in points stated as a given:

After the predicted "red wave" failed to materialize... and... [Republican voters hold Mitch McConnell] responsible for an inexplicable and humiliating loss.

The goal is to demoralize us, and to convince us that Trump is not the winner we believe he is.

But the fact remains, there was a huge Red Wave. The Republicans took back the House, despite massive election fraud by the Democrats. Trump's picks won, 219 out of 235. And the few high profile "wins" the Democrats managed to grab required them to cheat so big that it was a big Red Pill for all Americans.

The Left is desperate for us to think we are losing, so that we'll stop doing what we're doing.

They want us to resort to violence, so we'll lose the support of the American people.

Barring that, they want us to forget about implementing election integrity measures, like we've been doing. Honest elections is the thing that scares them the most.

The Left would rather have us panic, and switch our focus to cheating in the elections instead (you may have noticed comments and posts pushing this idea on this forum), because they can always use their unlimited money to win in a cheating contest.

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I once saw a TV segment where a university professor was describing a project he was leading.

I had an idea on how he could improve his project, so I wrote to him, describing my idea. I told him, feel free to use the idea -- I want no credit nor compensation.

I expected either no response, or a response that either disagreed with my idea or thanked me for it (whether he was going to use it or not).

Instead, I got a response which said, in effect, "How dare you think that you can give me a suggestion. I'm a scientist, and you're a nobody."

I can only conclude that, deep down inside, these people know they don't deserve the roles they've been given.

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If you ever get to talk to a young person from mainland China, remind them that they no longer live under Communism, that their government is now a Fascist Dictatorship.

The Chinese government gave up on Communism because it never works -- it only results in poverty and decay.

But when they gave up on Communism, they also gave up the promise of Communism, that it was for the benefit of the people. That promise was a lie, of course, but that was the excuse, nevertheless.

Under a Fascist Dictatorship, unlike Communism, the government allows just enough freedom for the economy to work, but all under central control. The people benefit only to the extent that they are no longer starving to death, but no more -- the government elites get the majority of the benefit, while ensuring that the people remain too poor to revolt.

Remind the young people of China about that, because, without the false promise of Communism, their government no longer has the pretense of legitimacy.

A Fascist Dictatorship is a tyranny, plain and simple.

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