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Well done, he must be dead. The way he went absolutely silent after the second I'm dead. Lol.

If you frame by frame, first two shots were in the neck, then back, then legs , then almost Hilted it on his cspine

Bravo bro

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Leftism is such cancer it makes blacks want seggregation lol

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Translation: DNC Pondering murdering biden

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So commies about to mass grave again?

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The dems will put a bullet into him probably literally, blame gops, and initiate full gestapo.

Think about it, bidens biggest asset is his meat-puppet status, once that is worthless the next most useful thing for dems will be his death.

Imagine crazy kamala with the politicized fbi finally going full commie after the dnc caps biden.

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See, that motherfucker right there should get FREE abortions, like sanger wanted

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Ill file this one under "Who gives a fuck, they deserve it"

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