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Kyle needs to go scorched earth on everyone who defamed and slandered him. Go super-sane Nick Sandman and take them all down. Do not take their deals to dismiss. Fight them like hell.


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Andy is a real one


Andy's a legit journalist. He does what the corporate media SHOULD be doing, but they aren't legit. The CM just wants to run cover for the democrat party and keep misinformation/lies running at full steam. The corporate media needs to be the first ones up against the wall.


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This bitch is no rooftop Korean.

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LitttleBinger's debut Album: FlufferBoy2004

The number one single is: 2palsNoGals

With Special Guest appearances by DJ Fattlock & the Tampered Evidence Crew

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Bet she thinks all the kids she 'educates' are spoiled little shits.

Only the white ones.

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My lawyer had two checks cut at settlement, his and mine. I never saw a tax bill for his check. I never received his check. I only reported and paid taxes on what I received.

Life is harder for some people; often for reasons they simply choose to ignore, but I digress.... well done with the handling your legal business.

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What will it take to get a critical mass to recognize this fact?

The delusional are impossible to deal with.

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They are all pedo faggots so they took this post personally

Emphasis: ALL OF THEM. Reminder: NOT ONE OF THEM blew the whistle on ANY criminal behavior committed within or, caused by the Bureau.

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They haven't integrated

Liberia. Too painful for libtards to process.

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Gene Simmons is the weirdo perv who never drank alcohol or took drugs but hung around the after concert parties having sex with rando women. Totally sober, like a predator.


also dude dragging HARD on his cigarette with eyes STARING at the passed out drunk girl, yeah, I've seen that meme.

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The director of Falling Down claims to have had sex with 100k dudes.

Fuck. This is why we can never have nice things.

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What iis the gps of this place

in this for the lulz i see

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Kid gets COVID. Mom tweets out virtue signals instead of saying how her kid is doing. Mom tweets about how she feels and not how her kid feels.

Social media is cancerous and full of karens just like dumbass Jam.

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then they will just disable comments

this is the way

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Pedophiles & Their Pursuit of Getting Society to Accept Child-Molesters

without telling us

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