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I know where to buy go now, thanks!

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Literally just found out my friend apparently found them for sale on Etsy. Getting info now. Hope he has the link lol

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Any black crimes I come across, only on here, and not actively searching, in 7 months I have two folders of each crime (for reasons being I capped the first at 666 and the second one is already at 215). It's at least 15x-20x that, if I went looking.

Too bad you can't share folders. Hey u/f-b-i is that possible?

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I grew up rough. I absolutely can't stand weak people*. I have made a 26 year old man punch themselves ffs, had zero forearm strength. This society...

This hurt to watch; clear the UK police live in a Puppy Patrol worldview. This was 'traumatic violence' to them I bet.

Edit: * I stand by this. You are only a victim if you didn't fight back. Stop curling up and whimpering.

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Shit, lemme layman this in better context- if the Leftists will freak over him about vaxxes, and that he's wrong, is he wrong about man made global warming and gun control too?

Crash their fucking NPC brains.

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I still will use him to attack Leftists. I just point out what he says I agree with, yet openly disagree when in conflict with my principles but that's usually because everyone is fucking "never speak of this person or support them over one specific issue because their other issue I don't like". It's endless, exhaustive.

You need to manipulate. He's a tool we can use.

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