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Be like Bishop Otto ✝️

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You are right and these replies against you are from people that refuse to accept they enable and support 'That System'

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Thanks for the resume. Lol fucking bringing up karma, 😂

Try choosing better fucking times. I see everything all you idiots complaining about 'not existing'.

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Holy fucking Christ I hate you idiots on here no more than 5 minutes and claim "nothing's going on".

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Bispenol-A, indocrine disruptor

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This meme is a hot mess

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Only "popular" after saying he's gay. Literally NO ONE talked about him until that point.

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That would be fun!

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I know the Earth is a sphere. However, prove to me the Earth isn't flat.

You can't.

Spez: I play Devil's Advocate over anything I myself think is true. Quite often, I find out I'm wrong. I was the first person challenging 8 glasses of water a day, the first person there's no ozone 'hole', the first there is no such thing as LWIR downwelling. Hey, did you know, HFCS hysteria is bullshit? A can of soda is essentially a large red apple, sugar wise. Just saying...

Spez 2: Probes, not Man, landed on the Moon. Van Allen Belt and all that. No background stars either (every explanation requires an atmosphere, which the Moon does not possess). Why are all the Apollo films slowed down? False impression of low gravity. I still know the Earth is a sphere though.

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In all honesty police brutality is a real thing. Way too prevalent.

I was whacked in the head with a mag lite while asleep in a friend's house. To 'wake' me up. No reason for that. I was targeted for being the wrong color in the wrong neighborhood (I'm White). I have, myself, dozens of anecdotes. I have seen, thousands, of second hand accounts.

I have seen clear as day cases of police brutality from none other than Cops! Fucked up shit being normalized.

It's not just joggers resisting bro. Have you not seen how police have behaved the last 2 years over Kung Flu?

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