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Gotta be smarter to survive seasonal changes of 100°f than where you can survive naked year long (55-130°f).

Our ancestors noticed they needed animal coats in this glacial period. Not dumb.

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My stores never have Spam single slices. I've gotten 3 in the past year. Fuuuu

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They are like people that believe in ghosts.

Superstitious morons.

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The average man can no longer do a pull up.

I knew a coworker, 24/26? that couldn't do a single fucking push-up using my Perfect Push-ups (lol Seen on TV products sometimes pan out well, don't knock!).

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Yup. Incremental.

The last kids born before 9/11 became voting age 3 years ago. In another 3 years those born before the 2007 structured economic meltdown become voting age in 3 years.

"Never trust anyone under 35" is the single most subversive fucking thing ever to infect Americana.

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No she's been never-Trump from the beginning. She merely predicted correctly who'd win the '16 election.

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Welders are always needed. I work in the trades and I'll tell you I rarely find someone who can weld. And I don't mean weekend warrior welding.

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Which uncle touched you?

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If you have to repeat the same lame attack then you're what you're attacking.

How many times did this Bill Mitchell say "piece of shit"?

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