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NYTimes - "Austere scholar reveals why it's okay if they're conservative, or unvaccinated."

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It's an actual shirt. The guy & blank shirt model is used on thousand of print on demand sites.

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Good info! My neighbor has two horses, and those teeth are the stuff of nightmares. (On the horse, not the neighbor)

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You just need to get a Tranny to call a "traditional" (vomit) gay/lesbian person a "person of privilege". That will kick things off.

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We joked about all female coaches being bull dikes growing up, but none of my female friends ever reported a coach hitting on them. America fucked up when we allowed being openly gay to be normal or acceptable. It was always going to end this way.

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It's the American version of Africa's child soldiers with AKs. They steal your kid's souls and weaponize them against you.

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u/Doggos/ How many story points to update the code to grab Nitter thumbnails of pics and videos? We all hate giving Twitter eyeballs.

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Carter was an absolute piece of shit. I was in 2nd grade at the time, but aware enough to remember the gas lines, double-digit interest rates, and wimpy foreign policy, yellow ribbons on trees for our hostages, etc. Reagan came in like a maverick and our enemies fucking feared him. That's what I saw in Trump.

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29 mins in and I'm the first to comment? Is Boebert autographing fart box pics?

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He's got a great channel on YouTube. I've learned more about the independent geography, people, & culture of the ex-Soviet Union than any textbook ever provided me.

The peoples of the ex-Soviet Union can speak firsthand about the corruption of the Deep State, it's no wonder that many of the elderly prefer their lives under communism. Very sad.

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Shit, might as well add another room for in-house IT because Hunter loses laptops like Big Mike loses condoms in Barry.

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I don't even want to know what Minnie is up to, though it probably involves Peter Pan.

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The wife routinely catches shit for posting them here. Some are good.

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