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I know 5 people that had Covid last year. They have yet to catch Covid again.

I know 15 people who have had "breakthrough" infections after receiving receiving a vax.

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It's clear that the fourth booster must be fast-tracked! Got to save the lives that vax 1,2,&3 could not.

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"Now we'll never find those WMDs!"

-CIA Analyst Jan Brady

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Good luck catching one. They're crafty little bastards.

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Shit, I heard the fire fighters protect the weed fields at all costs. Love those tax dollars. (I think growers pay $450+ per plant in taxes in Cali)

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In Houston I ended up purchasing one of those ultraviolet bug zappers because the no see ums have been horrible this year. At night it sounds like the Battle of Stalingrad in my backyard. I can hear the pops down the street, but it has made a difference.

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Tyson is one of the few US companies allowed to sell their products in Cuba while the rest of us cannot conduct commerce with Cuba. Not that anyone here wants trade with commies, but you have to wonder how shady this deal really is.

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So what does your faggot talking point sheet say about those with a 401k that contains funds that hold Walmart shares? Is there a calculation to determine how much is needed to be a part of your loony conspiracy delusions? I'd like to know because I enjoy pulled-pork, bacon, and other ham products and have never received a dividend or invite to the Bentonville summer resort.

Btw, my favorite Jew is Jesus.

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Yup, this is the hallmark of the Republican Party, and is proof that the people we put in congressional leadership positions are hell-bent on managing the decline. They're only brave when there's no possible way their bills will ever be passed.

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My company is at 50% unvaxxed across the board, but the majority of the vaxxed are make-work positions. The real, actual production jobs are 50-75% unvaccinated. These folks have already made up their minds and are not getting the vax. The numbers have remained flat since August despite the company's rah-rah get the vax. You can't threaten these folks because they have decades of knowledge that is not known by most and will likely retire if you give them an ultimatum and the company would be seriously screwed.

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  • Bang everything that moves with your buddy Epstein.

  • Get admitted to the hospital because your wife's rancid cooter is outgassing brimstone.

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I did not realize high schools played football on Thursdays.

It would be nice if the kids playing football could make a living out of it or at least get a scholarship from it. I wish someone would make up a league of professional players, maybe even have a "super event" that the best two teams could play in. It would give us something to watch other than that dumb faggot tv show they keep playing where men in spandex tights dishonor their country.

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Time it against the new iPhone release. "Distracted drivers".

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It was embarrassing to see how compliant some of the most based people I know became when told to mask up. Fortunately those will be the ones that play the hardest to collect their Minecraft credits.

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They want this way more than they want everyone to get vaccinated.

They want the resulting chaos eruption because they believe they have the upper hand. Uncharted waters. No doubt about it the DNC is rotten to the core.(RNC too)

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It's going to be beautiful when Chicago turns into a full on Banana Republic.

Work all night on a drink a' rum

Daylight come and me wan' go home

Stack banana till the mornin' come

Daylight come and me wan' go home

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pysoped shithole.

Is this a reference to Jen Pysaki's favorite White House bathroom stall?

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The experts only thought of one thing: This was an opportunity they could not miss to advance mRNA vaccines.

-No liability

-A willing population of human lab rats

-Plausible deniability of side effects

-Government funding

Moderna is looking at building 3 factories in Africa. Don't think for a second that this is just for their Covid-19 drug. They're going to be printing money while testing it on subjects that the western world could care less about. They (big pharma) has done it before and will do it again.

Contracts will be signed and they'll be on to the next drug long before we ever discover that these vaccines were a joke.

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The vaccine has not done shit other than drop from 100% effect to, what are we at now, 45%?

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