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They do when they’re in their 30’s and Chad chooses women in their 20’s over them. Guess they shouldn’t have waited until they started melting to commit to a man. It’s a great time to be a single man in his 30’s though!

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Can’t they just rent them out forever?

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It’s not like he’s trying to mandate it. Don’t do it if you don’t want to. I for one can’t wait to download Pepe memes directly into my cortex

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Such a shocking study that surprised absolutely no one here.

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They’re all uniparty. Some go under R, don’t forget Hastert. Think he’s the only one? Having blackmailable skeletons in your closet is a prerequisite for wielding the much power in the uniparty machine. As someone else mentioned, you can tell who’s outside of it because the media constantly freaks out about them, like Trump. The ones the MSM yell about the loudest are the cleanest, and the ones they cover for and praise are the most corrupt.

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Where are these numbers from? Can’t use this to red pill if there’s no source, anyone who doesn’t already believe it will dismiss it as made up.

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My heart rate started increasing until I looked at the link and saw it was the bee haha

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Tryanny? So close

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There are many libertarians voting R in the last few elections because they are sick of the left trying to control people’s lives. If there’s any way at all Republicans could fuck up their chance to take back control in the midterms, it would be going full authoritarian on this issue.

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He’s an actor and comedian. In the past he was a heroin addict and far leftist. Now he’s sober, spiritual, and awake to the left’s BS. It’s been an astonishing turnaround.

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Many people here are underestimating the proportion of Trump’s base who just want to be left alone by the government.

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Both sides are pushing away independents with their most extreme positions. The majority of Americans do not support late term abortions or arresting women who get an early abortion. I understand that these positions are about deeply held values and beliefs rather than politics, but politically speaking the side that is willing to make some compromises on the most extreme cases will win, and they will get to decide the policy in the long run.

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Giving women more power happens in every communist takeover because they are more easily brainwashed with emotions and will vote for more authoritarian government in the name of safety and equality. Several communist thinkers have said this explicitly, including Marx.

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Even if they did notice you could just create a ministry of truth…

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Dammit Vlad, you always think impaling is the solution to everything! Might be right this time though…

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Weren’t there massive protests in Australia, bigger than any in the US?

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That doesn’t lol like an impact wound, it looks like a cat scratch. Fake and gay.

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