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How is he lacking: The church seems to worship others before him

the second: that was meant as a tongue in cheek joke, but you took it seriously.

Why would you pray to anyone besides God? I don't understand.

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I've been to Catholic churches, the lack of Jesus is disturbing.

And it's too much standing up and then sitting down,

Why do you pray to Mary? Why not pray to Jesus? It seems so strange to me.

And yes, prayer is a form of worship.

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prayers to the "hunk of clay" read: hail "mary" (lowercase) are useless and have no value.

We pray to God (uppercase) and we call him Jesus.

Turn away from your Idol worship, and towards Jesus, the Lord of Lords.

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What the hell was that? No I don't worship my Mom, or my Dad. What the hell is wrong with you?

JESUS. Shall I repeat it for you?: JESUS.


I can only say the same thing to to you so many times, before I have to leave you to your unholy devices, so I can help others.


Review: JESUS. Not mary.

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this guy is a weirdo, stop worshiping him.

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Isaiah 44:9–20. All who fashion idols are nothing, and the things they delight in do not profit. Their witnesses neither see nor know, that they may be put to shame. Who fashions a god or casts an idol that is profitable for nothing?

Turn from your Idols, and towards the Lord. You are commanded to do so, heathen.

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"Pray for us oh holy mother of God" what part of that offends you? Or would you consider idolatrous? Do you ask friends to pray for you? Do you ask family to pray for you? Why would you not ask the mother of our Lord to do the same.

Because it distracts away from the truth of our Lord.

When I ask my family and friends to pray for me, I don't ask them to pray for me in the name of Mary. That would be ridiculous. I ask them to pray for me in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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My message is simple: Jesus is the Lord. Mary is not.

There is too much admiration of this idol, Mary, and not enough of the one true God, Jesus Christ.

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??? What ???

It's an inappropriate question, but I'll answer.

No. People should endeavor to behave like Gods, that is the proper way of civilization.

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It's been a long 2000 years of the telephone game. I worship Jesus, not Mary. I deny Mary's divinity. I worship Jesus, and ONLY Jesus.

May I repeat: I am a worshiper of JESUS, the LORD our GOD.

I reject mary, as so many have engaged in IDOLATRY in her name.


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You need Jesus, the God. Not the biological mother of the God.

You Catholics are confused, seriously confused.

It's Jesus who is Lord, and yes, Mary bore him, but she is but a vessel, carrying the true value.

Jesus is Christ. Jesus is King, not Mary. Mary only bore him, that is all.

Turn away from Mary, and towards Christ.

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Yugiho: "You've activated my trap card!"

Nazi Drumph Losers will inflict "1" (one) dead dog per turn.


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