Xisus Christ (media.patriots.win)
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Literally the WEF rn (media.patriots.win)
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In response to Biden's latest declaration that guns are useless against f-15s

We need a picture of joe biden standing in palpatine's throneroom with an F-15 photoshopped in the background. Yoda is holding an AR-15 over 2 downed guards and says "if so powerful you are...why ban?"


Awhile back i was reading that the covid vaccines harm the immune system. Not just in a "you get sick more easily" kind of way but also in a "the mechanisms that prevent cancer in the body stop working" kind of way. Now I'm looking for that info and cant find it anymore. If someone has a link to an article with details on this could you kindly comment it below?

Historic photo (media.patriots.win)
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I made this for you (media.patriots.win)
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Snow sculpture seen in Missouri (media.patriots.win) SAVE AMERICA
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Based JFK (media.patriots.win)
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The idea behind The Great Reset is: you will own nothing, and be happy about it. The elites think all power and property should be consolidated into their hands, while they dole out comfortable lives to those in their good graces.

I have a counter-offer: if you really want to do a Great Reset, my math says there ~5 acres of land in the world for every man, woman, and child on the planet. Divide the world into 7 billion 5 acre plots assigned at random, and let the Plot Market decide who is a shrewd businessman and who just inherited wealth they could never have earned without nepotism. If I sell my 5 acre plot for a bowl of red soup, that's my business. If i parlay my plot into a nation-sized block of plots, i have earned it. The fact that some plots are more advantageous than others is offset by the random allotment.

That's a true "reset".