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What’s going on with you and Desantis? Lmao.

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Glory, Glory Hallelujah. Satan cries out in pain.

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No, Alito and Thomas tried with that but the other justices cucked out. The ruling means that states must provide permits to people are legally able. It only changed things in seven states, all other 43 states already had shall-issue permits.

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Not familiar with that procedure. I live in VA, here the permit is not tied to the individual firearms. Interesting, my mistake.

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Apply for the permit, follow whatever bullshit prerequisites they make you do, wait. If you’re denied than sue for Constitutional infringement. Your lawyer will cite NYSRPA and you’re guaranteed a payout. Done.

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Fascinating. We must be a very effective anti-globohomo tool.

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Something about some Conservative said to her or something and now she won’t shut up about how Conservatives and Leftists are the same.

LOL, some dumb shit.

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Isn’t that that reformed liberal lady who knits? I think she’s being facetious. Edit: Nevermind, apparently she went off the rails.

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Klaus Schwab, Rothschild, Fauci.

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TDS is so strong that killing your baby isn’t enough.

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Yeah but how come 6 percent of the population commits 55 percent of the crime. The only Supreme Court judge worth a shit is black. There’s nothing “white supremacist” about pointing to an issue.

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They are one in the same.

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Are you sure we’re fading into obscurity? Or are you? Maybe we’d like to stop being murdered by races disproportionately predisposed to violent criminal activity. Yes, it is very racist to not want to be murdered.

by 2366623
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George Floyd worship. False idolatry. You didn’t see God wreck the mural?

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Christians used to as well

Those Christians you’re referring to are fake and gay.

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I would kill anyone who tried to make my daughter or wife wear a stupid fucking pedophile-prophet hood.

But definitely right about the homosexuals.

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I’m praying for your grandmother.

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