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Are you Jason Dollarhide?

My guy... you need to chill. Based on your youtube channel, It honestly seems like you go out of your way to have interactions with the cops.

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The FBI does a lot of fucked up shit... but they're not gonna stick an FBI agent into the Kenosha protests and give him a gun and tell him to shoot at people...

Some people gonna tale Q and shit as dumb as Q to their grave

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Exactly... That's what i'm saying. Dhe should have made the police take her bc they're trying to say that it's voluntary.

Obviously it's not bc nobody is going to choose to take the police van and a 5k fine, but technically they can say it's voluntary bc people are technically taking a cab there voluntarily.

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She should have taken the $5,000 fine... They're calling it, "voluntary" isolation camp.

"We don't force people to come here, they take a cab here!"

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Why does this have the ShitPost flair?

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Here's a link yo a pic of the countdown that has a little pic of a teacher/coach picking up the deer head https://imgurupload.org/files/FFelJciXsAsaYgb.jpeg

Here's a section of email that was sent out to conserned parents after the deer head incident https://imgurupload.org/files/20211130-201639.jpg

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The shooter even had a countdown on his SnapChat that was called "When the devil returns" or something like that.

Edit: Here's a link to that pic https://imgurupload.org/files/FFelJciXsAsaYgb.jpeg

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They put out more notice's to parents than just the one on the left.

There was another one where the shooter spay painted red shit everywhere and thew a real deer head into the school courtyard as a warning

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