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The reports not the people.

It would traumatize all the people but signs of them with their injuries and the death count should be in his eye shot daily

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Thyroid cancer is treatable, mostly. - but it is a nightmare getting the body to regulate. Personal exp.

If you see her gaining weight it is not her plan. It is just meds are not letting the weight off. Be patient with her if you see that happen.

Glad she found it. Glad her vocals survived.

prayers for her total healing

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They don't want to figure it out.

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there was a report this morning on the matter attempting to place a bit of blame but cleaned it up by reporting the tip of the iceberg truth from the REAL border crisis.

this IS a National Crisis not a southern state's crisis

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Great thread!

this is the truth If Democrat policies weren’t hypocritical they’d have no policies at all.>

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Oops - they always let what the really feel seep out.

Pointing fingers at everyone never bothering to check in with themselves

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CALL FOR VIOLENCE is what I responded to and will elicit the sentiment: tan pants, glowie and so on

we are NOT down for that

United We Stand divided We fall

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we don't even have plans for a NEW power grid to meet the demands in 2035 or the needs we have now as is

Power grid has been poorly for decades. Nothing has been done. It is said a retrofitted and improved would start at 30 billion dollars.

we are just a bullet train to nowhere

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for those of us who have a strike we can't see it

for those of you who don't you can go to twitter and type in a few key words and find it.

the posts here do not allow simultaneous LINK an IMAGE

If I were the one asking.

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Praying for you and for your son. The trauma is real and the good news is, you have him to keep you in the here and now.

Did you have life insurance?
Will burial costs be covered?

How are you holding up?

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I do not endorse any of what I am passing on here - but my browser has a photo search function on the van so I clicked it. Here is just one of the sites. Interesting and notice all the videos on the left. The site could be antisemitic I have not looked into it. In the name of free speech

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