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And need to be shot where they stand.

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Frank Luntz enters the anus...

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Orwellian Hobgoblin needs to be thrown in to vat of hot tar

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This communist revolution will not be televised.

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Imagine the demand for pure blood semen in the coming decade. They have effectively disabled humanity with a gene serum and will push being transhumance by means of neurolink. If the pure bloods don’t kill these psychopaths, they become the rulers of humanity.

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Pfizer needs to be treated as a domestic terrorist threat

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He, MacArthur, and Patton were some of the best.

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CORRUPT TO THE CORE. Hobbs' conflict of interest is enough to invalidate this shit show of an election. America is a joke with Biden and these fake selected ass bags in position of power. Hobbs will allow the illegals to pour in and destroy AZ, fortifying the state with ballot harvesting so a Democrat will always be elected. Absolute corruption corrupts ABSOLUTELY.

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Absolute devolution by design... We are being destroyed by those that Eisenhower and others warned us about...

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Just ordered my new shipment for the incoming Winter of Death...

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There is a reason why the most googled word for 2022 is "gaslighting". It's the gov/media/globohomos mechanism to keep the masses hypnotized to their bullshit narrative.

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This is equal to democrats staying in power. With Paul Ryan showing his ugly face again... we all know the demons that control these puppets will need to be exposed and charged before any real change happens...

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