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That’s the essence of gun safety. Education and morality are a prerequisite. Leftists have killed classical education.

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I’m gonna write this on one with Joe Biden.

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Greatest President since Washington.

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All why screaming GUN CONTROL. The enemies within the gate need to be dealt with first and this is no tadk for the faint of heart.

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Scientism is a cult of personality

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This will only formulate after the collapse of the current currency model. Our window of assembling a multitude of militias is when they think their Great Reset is going to happen. If we miss out on that moment, we lose and they win.

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Almost every state has this now. It was manufactured to create this crisis. All by design.

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I don’t promote violence… but when I do… it’s against psychopathic war criminals. Those hell bent on world domination.

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Go back and reread their latest landmark SCOTUS decision on guns. They did what they had to do. It is now up to US to make sure our legislators don't undermine it. Holding corrupt legislators responsible for violating the constitution is the answer.

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"There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb... BABE"...

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All school administrators need to be deputized and allowed to conceal carry. Physical Education classes must be mandated to teach gun safety to ALL American students. Properly educate about gun safety and we are safer to exercise our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.

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