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Identity politics. Not even once.

Can I get that on a t shirt or tattooed on my neck or something?

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Trigglypuff lives matter..... kind of

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They didn't charge the POS who shot Ashli Babbit so I don't think this suit will go anywhere. If we want justice we will have to make it happen ourselves.

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I'll forgive him just because I'm pretty sure he has Down syndrome.

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Sweet! Now let's withdraw the potato who cheated the election.

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What's the real world like? Is it better than our simulation?

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Even if this was a simulation I'm not sure I would want to escape. I feel like I'm living in a movie with the amount of twists and turns that occur and it keeps things interesting. The only thing I would change is the pedophile who is residing in the white house

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Easily my favorite line from the whole movie

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You can't say anything. These lunatics will never wake up.

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And then they will take away our shoulders.

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If only the ATF terrorists allowed you to have a stock on that bad boy.

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I just checked Snopes and it says none of this happened so I think you're mistaken.

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It's true. Don't tell anyone, but I actually am GEOTUS.

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I've been to Connecticut many times and no one is allowed to question the narrative it's comical. Also people involved in the hoax had their homes payed off so they have a reason to lie to you.

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I wish that their parents lived in another country.

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I miss these times. You know, before the US became a communist's wet dream.

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I used to listen to Howard every day, however I could never view him the same after he had Hillary Clinton on the show as a guest. He also had Rachel Maddow on and said she is incredibly talented. I miss the days when he pushed the envelope and Richard and Sal would throw up on each other and whatnot

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You're telling me I've been arguing with someone that doesn't even live in this country? How embarrassing haha

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