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They are collectively losing their minds and it is beautiful.

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🤣🤣👍 Perfect...we can whisper the lyrics to them like their pedophile hero "President" does to the world. Lunatic.

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Oh that's fantastic news to hear! I'm genuinely happy they're beginning to understand how fucking done we are with their bullshit.

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Someone who worked closely with her recently came out about that van - they definitely use it to cart her funky ass around because she's not well enough to walk 2 city blocks.

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I want to see people like Clinton and Pelosi in orange with no makeup, no hair dye jobs...just them looking like the hideous creatures they are. Seeing them for who they truly are without the professional intervention of makeup artists and hairstylists should somehow help some people to see them as the criminals they truly are.

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Yes, so far. Not gonna lie, it's a source of neverending worry...just under the surface of trying to live "normally". I'm sure I'll always worry now.

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My adult children did, unfortunately. Wouldn't listen to a word I said.

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Well, for me? Obviously I already knew the calls to end him had nothing to do with disinformation, not for people like this dual-owner at least. Crazy leftists who live for Fauci's every word probably believed he's genuinely telling lies about Covid. It's just easier to have this information when dealing with those crazy leftists, for me anyway.

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Hahahaaa...you're before your time on this one.

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It really is remarkable how utterly ridiculous this name is. I mean, DAMN.

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Just saw him in a rerun of the Chapelle show, when he was actually funny and not a complete dildo. If he were to act in those sketches today people's heads would explode. Of course he wouldn't do it now, way too woke. God what a douche bag.

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Murkowski and Cheney?

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Same woman who posted that her soon to be ex-husband took their kids out to eat everyday for a week, guess she wasn't around to play sheriff. Anyway, she flipped out & of course ran to Twitter so she could spew her virtue signaling bile & hate about her husband, antivaxxers & Trump for her "likes". You fucked around and found out, Diana

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