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Please sell this in poster size, I will order immediately.

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Clown World Judge. He either lives under a rock buried beneath his precious legal rulings and is actually this clueless; or he's a proactive part of globohomo.

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Nobody needs scrum managers because scrum is stupid.

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The problem with Conservative Inc is that they operate strictly within the Overton window (and they allow the left to define that window for them). Trump was always outside the Overton window, but the overwhelming nature of his popularity forced Conservative Inc to temporarily warp their perspective of the window and pretend to support him. It's the same reason they all refused to go after the stolen election: it simply was never acceptable in the elite wine and cheese circles to have that opinion at all.

Now that Trump is under attack, they see it as an opportunity to ditch him and go back to business as usual.

The takeaway is that Conservative Inc are a bunch of pussies. They play the "oppose the left" game on the left's terms and conditions.

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To be fair he hedged it on being a deliberate attack on Poland.

Operating on an assumption that Russia would be stupid enough to attack Poland under current geopolitical circumstances disqualifies that idiot from any further opinions on these matters. What an absolute moron.

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Changing a recognizable logo just for the sake of it is a retarded liberal move.

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You're a retarded faggot.

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So what? Let them vote for whatever they choose. Why are you so angry about this? Why so emotionally invested in post-Civil War silliness? Who cares?

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That's autogynephilia. A man who "transitions" to pretending to be a woman but claims to also be attracted to women is actually getting off on the image and idea of himself as a woman. It's a mental disorder, but a distinctly different mental disorder than an actual "trans" person who thinks he's in the wrong body, and is subsequently also gay.

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It turns out that everyone is fine with inflation, world war 3, tranny kids, etc. but they came out to vote for abortion.

You trying to say that they symbolically voted in a guy that looks like a walking failed abortion because abortion is seriously their #1 concern in life? Gtfoh, handshake.

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