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it'll happen

first step is all the student loan borrowers just deciding en masse to say fuck it, you're not getting paid back.

that'll start the cascade

hopefully soon

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George Orwell wrote in 1984 that women, especially young women, were the most motivated nosers-out of unorthodoxy

That's not the exact quote but the idea is conveyed.

Women are happiest in times of peace and security, even if that security comes from a tyrannical state. When people stand up to the state, it threatens womens' perceived sense of security

Not all women, exceptions blah blah, the general principle is ironclad.

Stand up to it anyway. Say no and then say fuck off. Do not comply with any of it.

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They’re not hiring attractive ones anymore

Was Harvey Weinstein the good guy all along?

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99% of road stress comes from trucks. Big 18 wheel trucks. Your 4000 pound SUV doesn't do shit, but a 70,000 pound truck? that's gonna leave a mark...over time.

There are already a lot of taxes on transportation. But taxing gas for car owners is pure taking, road argument is a scammy scam.

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  1. she's beautiful

  2. it should be clear if you're over about...25 or so...that envy runs the world. People who don't have what they wanted or feel that life is excessively unfair will always act to harm others.

So that 41 year old cat lady who campaigns hard for Democrats doesn't believe in this shit either. But she sees all the other ladies with their kids and families in a nice house somewhere, and wants to take it away because if she can't have it, dammit neither can they.

This is at the heart of all thinking about redistribution and related leftist shit.

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excuse me...excuse me

Every member of the Armed Forces deploys with two rainbow dildos and six glitter grenades, minimum.

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import the third world

become the third world

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this goes hard

but there's a lot of truth here

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Because police are subhuman filth.

It's the one thing the lefties are right about

All cops are bastards

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don't get involved with the government if at all possible

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Pre-nups work fine

Pre-nups do not apply to child support. Child support is the right of the child and therefore cannot be included in a prenup to which the child is not a party.

t. divorced.

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they've been consistently anti-White, anti-American and anti-Christian forever

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