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As someone who was on thedonald for the Podesta emails... This site has gone way downhill. Our candidate is being falsely indicted, our country is in shambles. Jail justice for possible pedophiles is far from the win our mods think it is.

Also are people being removed for comments like this? Some seem to be suggesting that. If so, we need to move on.

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I don't see his tweets anymore since he blocked me for mildly calling him out. Cool guy.

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Jan Halper-Hayes.

Republican business strategist, part of Trump's 2016 transition team. https://twitter.com/Biz_Shrink

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That's bullshit. If our side acted the same there would be no reason to vote.

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Also it scares the shit out of everyone. Seen any good protests lately?

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Something tells me you wouldn't have been invited.

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Ben Franklin started a subscription library club called "Junta" and Thomas Jefferson was president of its later incarnation, the American Philosophical Society.

Or you can just believe whatever.

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I disagree with everyone who has commented so far. I just signed up for Twitter Blue yesterday, and would gladly pay for this site too.

When has free speech ever been free? Our ancestors paid with blood. You have to pay for paper, pens, stamps, printing, skywriting, megaphones, soap boxes. Someone pays for hosting this site.

If we don't pay we become the product packaged and sold to advertisers, who then decide what we're allowed to know and say. Or we rely on the good graces of others, like the people running this place.

We're mostly free market capitalists here, being Trump supporters, yet we have a carry over from failed commie Reddit and 90s file sharing culture where exchange of any money on the internet is treated with automatic contempt.

Paying for a membership puts you in the position of paying customer and Twitter as providing you a service. If Twitter fails to deliver, a mass of people can cancel their membership. By signing on now, you're increasing our leverage over the platform going into elections.

Whoever figures this out first has the advantage. Democrats want everything for free, so we have a shot at dominating the information space and I don't want us to squander it.

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I don't believe the climate hype but it's kinda dumb to compare the current month with a random month a random time ago and think you can form some kind of conclusion.

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This place is basically the front page of Twitter for me. We should have more Truth links to support our president.

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His reputation will be died of old age in office.

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The best fix world be to go after these lawyers for disbarment.

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I wonder if they checked his blood oxygen level before recommending raising it with a ventilator or if that's part of their script when they get a positive PCR test. Last I checked not all people who fail a virus test have all the symptoms of that virus.

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I smelled BS back when Angelina Jolie went on her little preventative mastectomy media tour. Imagine how much money that publicity generated.

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Boner cancelled.

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Funny how they always put their lies and terrible ideas into list format.

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Why? You didn't need a citation to believe the original story.

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