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“We’ll get’em next time!!! Keep those donations coming!!”

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If we’re placing orders, I’d like a “Neo-Maxie Zoomdweebie” banner too please.

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It isn’t as if we don’t already know that the cheating is going on. It’s that those who are supposed to do something about it are in league with the the ones who are doing it.

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Dear We The People,

We’ll see you at the polls! We’ll be the ones counting your votes. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Signed, the Elites (probably)

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That’s a bit pessimistic. I think Americans have wised up more than that.

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What’s the difference between and intelligent person and a stupid person?

There’s a limit on how intelligent a person can be.

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I tried explaining this to a left-leaning woman who already knew everything and wasn’t going to be swayed by facts.

I explained that the batteries do not produce electricity, they merely store it. The electricity still has to be produced at the power plant, which is likely burning coal, gas, or oil. So, while the car itself does not produce any emissions while it is moving, it is still not emission free because emissions were produced to create the electricity it is storing.

She said that doesn’t count. The car doesn’t produce emissions while moving, so it is emissions free.

I told her that by that logic, I could have my diesel F-350 towed around by another F-350 and claim that my diesel truck is emissions free.

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And no one even needs to ask for which side these “errors” went.

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With the communists, you just don’t lead them as much.

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Somebody needs to swim down there and slap some FlexSeal on that pipe.

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By asking the guy to step away, they reinforced (in her mind) the idea that behaving this way results in successfully getting what she wants.

They should have kicked her out immediately AND trespassed her.

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