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True, but it does apply to Hunter’s laptop.

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Did they ever realease any pages for all the side effects of the Moderna and the J&J?

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Pede, you are AWESOME. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share that incredibly clear explanation. I am going to read it about fifteen more times before I PM you when I get some time this week. Stay based fren; ttys.

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Some people, myself included, don’t know what forex is, or how to use it.

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"Looming food shortages is the next ‘slow-moving disaster’ to hit world," says Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit blog.


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That or they’ve already been informed that she’ll be next in line shortly.

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A Whose Who’s Who of criminals.

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Put me in contact with one. Let’s confirm this.

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u/kek_saved_the_world you post stuff like this all the time. When will people start dropping dead? One year? Two years? Four years? Two more weeks after that?

THEY NEEDED THE WAR TO HIDE THIS (media.patriots.win)


Arricle: Data shows fully vaccinated individuals in UK, NZ are developing AIDS


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Any suggestions frens? I’d love to invest in these, but I’m not familiar with any. Thanks frens.

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It says we’ve been infiltrated by a strategically-placed, corrupt/traitorous ruling class that cares nothing about protecting the people they work for. It says most of us have been willfully ignorant to that reality, too drunk on bread and circus to be motivated enough to do what’s necessary to bring about change to our government. It says we’re only now waking up to the horror that most of out government officials (our servants) prioritize their pockets over our well being.

To slightly paraphrase the side of beef: the question, at this point, is what can we do about it?

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If they have kids from another man, you will NEVER be their number one.

What if she’s a widow though? You kind of will be number one, by default.

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