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When the entire country is a zoo, how do you avoid the chimps?

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I was hoping someone else caught this. It gives clear insight into how his mind is structured.

Edit: to be fair, they are both in alphabetical order, but still....

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Because the provision that the federal government "shall provide for the common defense" is in the Constitution.

The portion referring to "general welfare" historically/originally limited government spending because ( it should be obvious) most issues are actually local. People in Wyoming don't need hurricane relief just as people in Florida don't need help with earthquakes. Same for healthcare. Gluttonous fatties cost more money than someone who looks after their health by choice and initiative. The only way the government could implement some kind of universal healthcare is if they created a one-size-fits-all monstrosity... Oh wait, they did - it's called the VA and it's almost universally criticized by veterans.

The trial on government-provided healthcare should already be settled (for anyone with a working brain.) But 'tards like you are out there saying, "It wAsN't ReAl CoMmUniSm!"

Now, if you can change the government culture and force bureaucrats to be held accountable when they fail, THEN you might have a shot at something. But our government can't even reign in spending. And 73% of our budget already goes to social programs and how are things working?

The last time the military consumed a majority of the budget was (I believe) 1987.

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So they are found not innocent (i.e. found guilty.)

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Hang the cops. What kind of police force announces their presence after they start shooting? The gestapo.

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After his shenanigans of trying to blackmail his old boss, I can't listen to him. The dude's a tool on a good day.

Not helpful, I know, but he doesn't deserve to have an audience.

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Lol, I wear magnums so okay....

I like them because they're incredibly conservative and the farthest thing from woke, assuming they aren't ABA.

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The juice of white women is not worth the squeeze. Asian women are the future.

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Joggers die at a much younger age. But the illegals are coming over here and having their anchor babies.

Solution: deport all illegals, no grandfathered amnesty.

Result: housing prices plummet due to vacancies and wages skyrocket for the same reasons. Prices of goods see some adjustment, but we're already dealing with that from Bidenflation.

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Replace Biden's picture with that freeze-frame of him sleeping in Maui.

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It's probably because their primary clientele are also the most likely to rob them. Dindus can't rob a cashless business.

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Provide link next time OP

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Globohomo RINOs would be on the right. MAGAdonians know Israel's time will come.

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"It's just very confusing"

Only if you're a closed-minded bigot, you twat. This is the world you wanted, now eat at the trough.

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The commentator had the right idea, just start blasting them. They'll learn to behave really quick!

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At this point, assume it's true and limit consumption.

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An accident and a mistake are two different things. It absolutely was a mistake for them to remove it, but for some reason you're interpreting that as an accident - except that's not the word they used.

Although I do agree they should've used something more specific in place of "landmark."

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I wish I didn't need a margin to buy puts.... Sigh.

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