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It's 'the plan to save the world' and it's the gayest shit to anyone who's figured it out. When Trump is reelected even though the Left can just steal it, then you know the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 was used against them. Was it enough to wake up the indoctrinated faggots? Nope. Did it set a precedent to arrest former presidents? Fuck yes. Looking at you, Obama. Just remember when a savior comes and everyone says he was sent by God, he's not who you think he is. TBH, I'll take the gold standard and a plentiful bounty coming before the end. It'll help me bunker up my grandkids.

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No, it downloads a file. It doesn't set a cookie. Go to thedonald dot win to learn more.

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My neighbor had a Trump/Pence sign in his yard and has a Let's Go Brandon decal on the back window of his truck. He's vaccinated and so is his 13-year-old daughter. It's a damn shame.

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I give no shits what the retarded left thinks. Fuck them. Burn that shit down. It's freedom of the press. If they were actually the press they wouldn't list themselves as entertainment shows to avoid the consequences of intentional bullshit. The treason part comes from the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 which allowed the CIA to feed us this so-called news.

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I hope Somalis use their bathrooms. I worked at a factory with a forced union. They made us go on strike and the factory replaced us with Somalis and other people. The other people told stories of how the Somalis shit all over the place. Like shit smeared on the walls and all over the toilet seats.

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Those bathrooms are going to be nasty as fuck. Poor janitor.

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Your skepticism is based on ignorance. I'm not trying to be rude but I spent 18 hours per day for half a year reading emails and diving into rabbit holes like the Franklin Scandal. These people are more religious than any Christian you know. They worship the devil, literally believing he's a very real and tangible diety. These ghouls torture, fuck, and murder children and eat the pineal gland to get a DMT trip to communicate with hell. Whether you believe the devil is real or not doesn't matter because the people printing our money and running this place do and they want to bring about the devil's will as outlined in the Bible. You can choose to ignore this reality but it doesn't change it.

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They picked her to deal with school children orphaned by the war. They're going to be fucking kids and eating pineal glands. Russia should just nuke Switzerland.

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Wasn't he the first faggot to "leak" the pee tape shit? CIA spook.

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I visited Multnomah Falls in Oregon a few years back and it was standing room only because there were thousands of Chinese clogging everything up. Same thing when I went to Yellowstone. The University of Minnesota looks like a China/India border town. We hear about all the illegal aliens but what about the ones flooding our streets 'legally?' It's insanity.

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"In Russia, we've known for a long time that Texas is the most important state in America." - Putin, while visiting George W's ranch. DC would be the obvious first target but there's a lot of sht sitting in TX. Other coastal cities would be hit, for sure, but TX and the ICBM states would glow next.

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Does he have to put his cellphone on airplane mode when he's flying? WTF?

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I live in North Dakota and there are silos everywhere. That's because the shortest route to Russia is over the north pole. In a nuclear war, the northern states would be hit first and they would progress south. I'm sure Russia would strike Texas from subs if they have that capability, but the ICMBs are coming over the pole.

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That's probably strictly cash without including the price of weapons and ammo.

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Unfortunately, they will target our silos which are all in rural areas. Say goodbye to everything between North Dakota and Texas.

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The devil doesn't have to detail it, just give you a heads-up for it to work. Like inviting a vampire into your house. Ask Mel Gibson. He'll tell you they exist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu5LSplKB48 (Less than a minute)

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