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Weird choice of pictures considering that Cary Grant was widely believed to be gay, or at least bi.

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She doesn't care.

That's the thing about Democrats today. They really don't care about right or wrong. They only care about getting their way. They don't even care about "equity". Their true driver is megalomania. They envision themselves as part of the ruling class where everyone obeys their demands and those who oppose them are squashed.

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Another favorite comment:

Kyle said he studied CPR and yet he stood by and did nothing while the prosecutor choked all week long...

Reading the comments, even a lot of the leftists on /r/portland are getting fed up with the "peaceful protestors".

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Reminder that Obama let China buy Smithfield, the largest pork producer in the US.

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Just The News is headed up by John Solomon, who has a pretty solid track record.

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I figured out yesterday that adding "-vaccination" to the keywords search on Indeed filtered out a lot of shitty companies. FJB lackies.

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And people thought Peewee Herman was harmless.

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When he and his family were booed by the cast of Hamilton, his reaction told me that he was completely out of touch with what's going on in America.

Then, when Trump exited the interview with Leslie Stahl, that's when I noticed he always spoke in carefully measured terms without ever saying much. He's a milquetoast politician that rode Trump's coattails.

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Mike Pence 'Ashamed' of Trump. Might Poach His Voters in 2024

Bwah hahahahaha!!!

If he really said that, he's completely fucking delusional.

by XlDEN
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They also created a Colin Kaepernick flavor. They glob onto any liberal group think without an iota of reasoning.

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Lol. For those (most of you?) who don't recognize the 'O', it's the typeface for the Oregonian, Portland's newspaper.

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First you identify as a 16 year old illegal separated from your family, collect your $450K, and then switch to 67.

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Until now, I didn't even know Drew Carey was a prosecutor.

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