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Yet another corrupt wannabe politician...

FYI, the video referred to is a fake, ie, they set it up to fail by holding their foot on the gas pedal, if you do this, then FSD/AP will not break until you take your foot off the gas pedal.

other issue is it appears that FSD is NOT engaged, no sign of the blue steering wheel icon on the screen, and they have obscured the message at the bottom of the screen that warns about the gas pedal (ie, the std AP message warning).

for anybody that's actually driven a Tesla with AP, you can tell this is not how it works.

the guy who's fronting it actually stood for congress on an anti-Tesla platform (and failed), and over the last 4+ years has been on an anti-Tesla crusade.

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Under exactly what premiss do IRS agents need to be armed?

I guess that explains why the agency has been buying up guns and ammo.... This is getting scary, forced to pay tax at the point of a gun? Most people would call that extortion?

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it's plain sad...

it might be a good car, but as you say, it's NOT a Mustang.

Marketing from muppets strikes again.

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USB sniffing dog's?

WTF is this cock smoking?

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How about the other perspective?

Most of Dombas and Crimea speak Russian as their first language and identify as Russian, and we being bombed and shot at since 2014 by the Nazi Ukrainians...

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And I believe Rudy Giuliani's licence is still suspended?

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They keep going on about Jan 6 like it was something more than a large protest rally?

If that's their scary insurrection, then I think they are in for a bit of a shock if they push the US into a civil war.

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That's not him, that's whichever dickwad is organising the event

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Pretty sure they have already tried this, they have subpoenaed Don Jr. at least once

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Why post this here?

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You know they will be hiding this....

Bet it’s one of the FISA judges....

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I think we have already had that stage, hence the raid.

They are desperate now, the preverbal cornered rats.

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I imagine they have known for over a year they would pull some shit like this, no way would you store anyhting there,

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love the idea, but he needs to win a seat as an MP first, and put bluntly, they will never let that happen.

Last time he stood, they cheated massive, people were convicted, but the result still stood.

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