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He defended the arrest of Navalny on the grounds he had broken the law by demonstrating

Alexey Navalny, the leader of the Russian opposition, was a few weeks out of a medically induced coma when he and I first met. Vladimir Putin had ordered his assassination with a Soviet-era nerve agent called Novichok. He miraculously survived the attempt on his life. Now, he was in protective custody in a little village in Germany, rehabilitating and regaining his strength.

Stunning, the rancid pro-Putin agitprop this site and the Johnny-come-latelys are disseminating.

Remember when this was a Pro Donald rally, not a Putin glory home?

Sad to see this happen

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Are those what you call your alter personalities, Ivan Ivanovitch? You really should mix wodka with your meds

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It's very different from the Domreddit that Spez targeted, but it's also very different from pre-schism t_d ○ win.

However, the sheer unfiltered flood of Kremlin shills and propaganda taints any vestigial grass roots pro-Trump, pro-American quality that fueled those sites.

Anyone cheering on the Russian invasion of a European nation is either too stupid, too evil , too ignorant or too wasted to be of any value to the MAGA train.