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If you want to end racism, look no further than to end the democrat party

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Oooohhhhh, in other words, a giant faggot

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Imagine if a woman killed her would-be rapist and a headline wrote:

A man would be alive if she had stayed home

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Its the fucking cockney or whatever variation of.

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The only reason he's getting so worked up about it is because he knows what was said was true (in a nutshell that he's a little bitch)

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No, he isn't. That's the worst part. He knows exactly (or his handlers, anyhow) what he's doing and it's very calculated.

What happens when China invades Taiwan and US has no oil and we can't get it from the middle east because China controls that region now?

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What she really meant is

George soros doesn't need to be a part of this conversation because my bosses are whispering in my ear that if I want those soros bucks to keep coming I need to squash this conversation

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yOu ArE a BoT

Fuckin' got me, don't know how I'll ever recover, reeetard

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My 2 week old son walked up to me earlier this morning with tears in his eyes, and asked me why its ok for a white supremacist to kill innocent white criminals that were only trying to kill him first and then started sobbing as he chanted black lives matter over and over while holding his Colin kaepernick blanky

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Don't you know? It's always been:

Black Lives Matter*

*terms and conditions apply

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My thoughts were that they will try to convict to further push the whole "Rittenhouse walked because he's white, she got convicted because black".

Any coincidence it's in Kenosha?

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Sorry to tell you but Floyd of the jungle is already in hell....oh ha ha silly me

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