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I bet she fancies herself as some sort of Marvel character.

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Wait six months when vaxxxed drop like fruit flies from colds and other common ailments, not to mention an array of cardio vascular problems and a bizarre glut of various cancers.

Buy Vit D and popcorn.

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When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought it was a technical, and I got very, very excited. Still cool though.

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It looks like Klaus Nomi trying to dress up as Tucker Carlson for Halloween.

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^ this comment should be stickied.

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It might be the "Seven Headed Beast" I read about somewhere...

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Looks like Stephen Colbert without glasses and slightly shorter hair.

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With these mandates, there's a good chance that most of the vaxxx colleges and universities will be decimated by spring semester. Endowments will shrink. Muh college sports will falter.

Enrollment is already an issue across the board in higher ed.

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One broader symptom of dementia is remembering the past/thinking it's still the past. His statement would have played in 1983 or so.

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