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Their brain is malfunctioning. Maybe yours is too

My god who the fuck cares about a chat bot FFS

Fucking spineless faggot

Lots of faggots love other faggots. Cocksuckers of a feather suck each other's dicks together

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Never abandon any part of America

Map abandoned the west coast all of it leaving it open for invasion. Picks Hudson Bay for their poisonous fish and the dead bleached out waters of the Gulf coast.

Abandoned the Mississippi river delta wtf 

While Americans are posting map memes Japan Taiwan and Alaska get picked off

We have our 2 oceans it's a great benefit to deter invasion that's the big reason why this country should never separate because as soon as the west coast or Texas or some States turn to secession, the other states become vulnerable for being picked off by other countries manipulated just like America's being manipulated from foreign nations

Invasion from southern border. Look at Mexico their army can't fight the heavily armed cartels think about what the catel cartels are doing in America right now gaining a foothold, entire counties have fallen in California

50% ARE READY TO GO NOW. https://media.patriots.win/post/utMqeRM4hBzo.jpeg https://patriots.win/p/16a9qJMp8w/50-are-ready-to-go-now/c/ https://patriots.win/p/16a9qJMp8w/x/c/4Tq0RcxtuMC

Republic of the Heartland https://media.patriots.win/post/k4Zxvg0iaZXy.jpeg https://patriots.win/p/16aA4PcW9e/republic-of-the-heartland/c/

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Matt Gaetz: China Taiwan Ukraine Biden in 5 minutes.

China's influence has overtaken our own even in our own hemisphere. Tomorrow Biden will tell us how much more we must do for Ukraine. Look around you at your phone at your home how much technology you are using that is likely the result of Taiwan manufacturing. Lokeed already begun ramping up production of F16

Create demand provide the supply

This his escalated and we are placing trust in leaders who do not deserve our trust.  John Kirby who assured us that the Afghan military would withstand the taliban offensive. Now says that there is no risk that Putin will go nuclear

The risk of miscalculation in Ukraine is much much higher than the risk in Afghanistan

We are prolonging the war tens of thousands of Ukrainians will die this year because congress feels good providing weapons and cash

Many dollars sent to Afghanistan ended up in bank accounts in Swiss and Dubai. A bounty of ukranian grift

This war could end tomorrow if we pursued negotiation but Biden refused

We must push for peace you don't really hear that these days except from Trump. Trump realizes that we are on the brink of World War 3

Matt Gaetz Brings A Flamethrower To Deliver The Real State Of The Union That Joe Biden Won't "Defense contractors need there to be a war going on somewhere whether the arms end up in the hands of ISIS, the Taliban, the Azov Battalion or on the black market." -


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https://mobile.twitter.com/redvoicenews/status/1623039143151538176 https://mobile.twitter.com/redvoicenews/status/1623039143151538176/retweets/with_comments

If you hit mute, it just turns into a pervert making funny faces



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Yakima Washington. self defese use of lethal force is becoming a crime in countries after guns are removed from law abiding citizen's hands. Thug Threatens Family with ‘Small Child’ at Dog Park, Dad Shoots Him Dead

An aggressive thug picked on the wrong father to mess with he tried to threaten his family in a Washington dog park.

The father was at the park in Yakima with his “small child” when a stranger started to threaten them.

When the dad tried to leave with his son, the man crossed the line and went after them.

The dad reached his limit at this point and drew his weapon, shooting the man dead.

Yakima Police Capt. Shawn Boyle said the father was protecting himself and his son and was not the aggressor.

Ortega died at the scene, Boyle also told the paper.

He added that the father and Ortega didn’t appear to know each other.

Police said the father cooperated with detectives, and witnesses corroborated his account.

About 12 hours before on East Beech Street, a home invasion shooting took place.

An armed home intruder came to the door of a home, and according to the home’s occupants, a physical struggle ensued.

One of the home’s occupants armed himself and shot the intruder, the paper said.

Officers responded to a call of gunshots fired at 2:05 am.

Police said a 29-year-old male was found dead in the backyard.

February 7, 2023 - 2:14 https://slaynews.com/news/thug-threatens-family-small-child-dog-park-dad-shoots-him-dead/

Thug Threatens Family with ‘Small Child’ at Dog Park, Dad Shoots Him Dead


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in real life asking leftist. Pick your target it's easy to spot them after a dialog ask them this how many unarmed black people are shot and killed by police each year in America. Over 10 over 100 or over 1000

Many people in real life have said they think that over 1000 unarmed black people are shot and killed by police every year in America

There is a chart out there that breaks it down by political party affiliation from liberal to conservative

2020 the early use of this data was fact checked as false it wasnt 8 it was 13

the Post's database shows police fatally shot 13 unarmed black men in 2019, not eight.

Our ruling: False

The Post’s database counts only police shootings, not other forms of police interaction that resulted in fatalities, so Kirk incorrectly attributed the number of all police killings in 2019 to a database that only records deaths by shooting.

But even though data on fatalities at the hands of police is underreported and the actual number is likely higher, the Washington Post’s database has reported 13 instances of police shooting and killing unarmed Black men (plus one instance of police shooting and killing an unarmed Black woman) in 2019. That is five more deaths of unarmed Black men than Kirk’s claim in his Facebook video. This claim is, therefore, rated FALSE because it is not supported by our research.


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Scenes From Berlin As An Arab Army Marches In The Streets

Dozens of fighting age men can be heard screaming “Allahu akbar”, a rallying battle cry for militant jihadists.

These events are taking place in the heart of Europe

https://vidmax.com/video/217756-chilling-scenes-from-berlin-as-an-arab-army-marches-in-the-streets SeawolfEmeralds 12 hours ago +1 / -0

Germany citizens posting videos from their safe balcony in 2022 about people in streets protesting because jab mandate. Saying it was dangerous for all those unvaccinated people to be together turned into military aged arab men occupying their cities ready to go.


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New York breaks after only 44000 known illegal aliens arrived since spring.  In true DNC fashion never let a crisis go to waste. Demand more money while failing to account for need in their budget by 70%.

NY has been tying kick the migrants out  28 floors of a hotel where they are unstoppable. Only 13 we're able to be relocated to a cruise ship docking port that needs to be back in operation by spring

One notable thing about that hotel the migrants know something, they refuse to eat the prepared food given to them.

Biden migrant crisis to cost NYC $4.2B, more than 2X what Eric Adams warned https://trib.al/UWK05Hk 12:23 PM · Feb 7, 2023·45.6KViews https://mobile.twitter.com/nypost/status/1623024587767222276 https://mobile.twitter.com/nypost/status/1623024587767222276/retweets/with_comments

That's 100k per migrant...so who's getting the rest of the $$

1:25 PM · Feb 7, 2023·22.3KViews https://mobile.twitter.com/BuckSexton/status/1623040215236415503 https://mobile.twitter.com/BuckSexton/status/1623040215236415503/retweets/with_comments

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s plan to give the city $1 billion in migrant aid over two years would cover less than 30% of shelter costs.

Hizzoner initially pegged the price tag for the migrant crisis at $1 billion when he declared a state of emergency in October before increasing that amount to “anywhere from $1.5 to $2 billion” last month.

Adams’ record $102.7 billion budget proposal for fiscal 2024 didn’t include any specific spending on the migrant crisis, prompting state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli to criticize the mayor for failing to account for “the anticipated recurring costs.”

The OMB memo, first reported by Politico, said Hochul’s pledge to provide $373 million in migrant aid for fiscal 2023 and another $623 million in fiscal 2024 would cover just 29% of the city’s spending on housing alone.

Those figures suggest the total cost of the migrant crisis would be nearly $3.5 billion.


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People who would constant reply like this do it to distract and keep people isolated.




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I agree it should be posted. I'm sure you could find it though and post

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Purina chicken food. No eggs Beth Ford blackrock board and land o lakes CEO

Check this Many have found that Purina chicken feed stopped their chickens from laying eggs They switched food brands and the eggs came back The parent company of Purina is Land O’Lakes, whose CEO is Beth Ford You know which Board she got voted to serve on in 2021? BlackRock

10:00 AM · Feb 7, 2023·304.5KViews

https://twitter.com/DC_Draino/status/1622988690522775553 https://mobile.twitter.com/DC_Draino/status/1622988690522775553/retweets/with_comments

Beth E. Ford is an American businessperson. Ford is most notable for being the CEO of Land O'Lakes, an American agricultural cooperative which she assumed leadership of in 2018. She is the first openly gay female CEO of an American Fortune 500 company. Wikipedia


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That's not the point it's to show that it is real it's not fake and it's to allow people to go over there and speak up instead of remained isolated and silent on this relatively low traffic sight

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Let's make this grow there were shots from inside a capital building security camera after the Supreme Court overturned ROE. Protesters were banging on the doors but the capital police didn't escort them inside for some reason. Cant find it

2018 Kavanagh protesters besieging the front door of the Supreme Court https://youtu.be/aenQtPGgYlQ?t=20 2022 roe https://youtu.be/9jt4ejMdj8Y?t=60

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401k and pensions have been used to sway markets and cushion losses while elite investors benefit and move their funds.  Wall Street isn't a game for you to win, it's rigged and they will not allow you to play at their level.

New movement regarding ESG score and non-pecuniary interest with 401k.

Non pecuniary private or personal interest a person has that does not amount to a pecuniary interest but that may arise from family or personal relationships, involvement in community, social or other cultural groups that may include an interest of a financial nature

This does not necessarily need to be an investment to earn money it could mean an investment in climate change or they can shift your 401K to cushion the blow of a failing market while they pull out their funds knowing that if the pension is big enough historically it will be bailed out by the federal government

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CBS Quietly Deletes Grammy Tweet Saying ‘We Are Ready to Worship’ Satanic Sam Smith Performance

Hey @CBS, why did you delete this tweet admitting you are satan worshippers?

7:01 AM · Feb 7, 2023·579Views https://mobile.twitter.com/MAGAALLTHEWAY/status/1622943573275471876/retweets/with_comments

Definitely not a spiritual war 10:17 PM · Feb 5, 2023·3.7MViews

https://mobile.twitter.com/charliekirk11/status/1622449312075780096 https://mobile.twitter.com/charliekirk11/status/1622449312075780096/retweets/with_comments

Breitbart News reported, Sam Smith attempted to shock Grammy viewers with his Devil-inspired performance of “Unholy” during which he and his backup dancers donned form-fitting red outfits and cavorted among pyrotechnic effects and intense red lighting.

https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2023/02/07/cbs-quietly-deletes-grammy-tweet-saying-we-are-ready-to-worship-satanic-sam-smith-performance/ CBS Quietly Deletes Grammy Tweet Saying ‘We Are Ready to Worship’ Satanic Sam Smith Performance https://patriots.win/p/16aA4Pb92j/cbs-quietly-deletes-grammy-tweet/c/

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Kim Pegula health issues finally revealed in lengthy update by daughter Jessica Pegula

Sal Maiorana Rochester Democrat and Chronicle February 7th 2023

The mystery as to the health issues of Buffalo Bills co-owner Kim Pegula were at long last revealed Tuesday morning in a story written by her daughter, Jessica Pegula, at the website The Players Tribune.

Jessica Pegula said her mother suffered cardiac arrest at the family home in Florida last June. She had been sleeping and when she began to go into arrest, her husband, Terry Pegula, awoke and found her unresponsive.

“Today, my mom is still in recovery and although it is the same answer every time someone asks me, it is true, she is improving every day,” Jessica Pegula wrote of her mother, who was an orphan from South Korea and adopted by Ralph and Marilyn Kerr who raised her in Fairport. “She is dealing with significant expressive aphasia and significant memory issues. She can read, write, and understand pretty well, but she has trouble finding the words to respond.

It is hard to deal with and it takes a lot of patience to communicate with her

There had been speculation about cardiac arrest, or perhaps a stroke, but the family never officially released information. The Bills did issue a statement back in November that read:

“Kim Pegula is receiving medical care as a result of some unexpected health issues. We are very grateful for the progress she has made over the past few days. She has an exceptional team of medical experts at her side. We ask that you keep Kim and our family in your prayers and ask that you respect our need for privacy.”

Jessica Pegula, one of the top-ranked tennis players in the world, had just returned from the French Open when her mother fell ill. After several weeks, when it was clear that while Kim had a very long and difficult road to recovery ahead of her but was out of imminent danger, Jessica flew to England to play at Wimbledon.

Obviously distracted, she was knocked out in the third round, though she did make it to the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open in September.

In November, Jessica - who is currently ranked No. 4 in the world in the WTA rankings - won her second professional tournament, but her first WTA 1000 event, in Guadalajara, Mexico, a victory she dedicated to Kim

“She never watched my matches before, because she got too nervous,” Jessica wrote. “Now she watches all of them.”


It felt like it was time. Thank you to @PlayersTribune for sharing this story

8:00 AM · Feb 7, 2023·3.1MViews https://mobile.twitter.com/JLPegula/status/1622958434294579207 https://mobile.twitter.com/JLPegula/status/1622958434294579207/retweets/with_comments

Jessie Pegul Feburary 7th 2023 It all started in Australia after the incident with Damar Hamlin. I texted my husband, Taylor, that the situation with my mom was weighing on me. When can we start talking about it? When can I tell her story, my story, my family’s story? Everyone just keeps asking me. I really need to get it off my chest.


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Bills owner Kim Pegula and Damar Hamlin near death experience used to promote womens tennis.

This article becomes an advertisement for women's tennis about a daughter who's taking care of her mom but then morphs into an article about women's tennis how well she did what her standings are what the ratings are for the network

It's about a woman who owns a sports team grew up rich plays tennis. They're using Damar Hamlin's death or near death as an advertisement for women's sports

There's several paragraphs dedicated to each tournament where it was what the outcome was and that she continued to play after her mother and Hamlin nearly died. How she overcame her difficulties almost had a panic attack but overcame her difficulties played the match and won 

After an indepth review of the other 3 tournaments mentioning her finishing place and the ratings with expected market profic growth they don't mention if she won her next match only that her mom now watches her on television

Ends with

“She never watched my matches before, because she got too nervous,” Jessica wrote. “Now she watches all of them.”

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The guy comments on the price increase and you bring up processing plants that have caught fire. what percentage of overall food output was affected by those fires. wouldn't the increase in prices be better attributed to closing the pipeline losing our energy independence and the rising cost of fuel. Dairy farms dumping excess in the drain, agriculture fertilizer shortage and W E F attack on farmers.

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