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Nah. Biden never intended to follow through on student loan forgiveness. He did need Republicans to take the blame for shutting it down, though. And Republicans were all too happy to play the heel without even insisting on getting a favor in return.

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McCarthy: "Nobody wins in a government shutdown."

That's where you're wrong, buddy.

I just want to double-check. MAGA is planning to throw McFailure's reelection, right?

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When Democrats impeached Trump, they were all wringing their hands and cackling with glee.

McCarthy sounds like he's announcing a new highway that's gonna cut straight through his favorite child-trafficking grounds.

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No, I think the whitest thing you can do is insult white people and then refuse to insult any other race.

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I don't think Mr. "Screw your freedom" should be comparing other people to Nazis.

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Cornel West was basically kicked out of Harvard. Why? Because radical left-wing extremists on the faculty (the kind who unironically consider Mao and Stalin to be right-wing) thought he was insanely far to the left.

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Why won't attorney's take up this case?

Because there's no money in supporting a patriot's right to free speech, but there are mega-donors for pushing communism.

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OK. Now suppose you're Merrick Garland. You desperately need to blame white supremacy because you're dishonest trash with an incredibly vile political agenda, but there isn't any actual white supremacy to infiltrate. What's your new plan?

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"I should have communicated better" is the classic non-apology. He very much values obedience over freedom, just like his daddy.

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Respect to that man. It almost makes me sad that I don't get to participate in boycotts anymore because I've already completely cut all these companies out of my life.

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Let me try. If it were a stay on a ban of transathletes, the state would just ignore SCOTUS and nothing would happen to them.

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Yup. Everyone might as well be an accelerationist at this point.

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I bet ol' Petey will be just furious when he learns what we waste on useless DEI staff!

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"unequal treatment under the law"

I remember those halcyon days when I believed in things like that. Good times.

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The process was the punishment. These victims need some serious compensation, and we need to arrest those responsible.

Justice for J6!

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