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"Breaking the election was a selection and no one is going to do anything about it even if we continue to prove it."

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Anyone that says this non-ironically has turned science into a religion, science is meant to best tested and not trusted.

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The "public pressure" was an illusion put on by MSM and social media, most people don't want to be robbed, have there homes and business burnt to the ground or be murdered. These politicians that "gave in" should be brought up on charges for allowing burning looting and murder to run rampant but we live in a clown world so they most likely got more power/money instead.

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To bad most private business have already been brainwashed and are still asking people to wear mask even in states that have dropped the unconstitutional mask mandates.

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Holy fuck, if someone murders there own mother they should never be let out of prison (in most circumstances) at that point what is to stop them morally from murdering say a 65 year old Asian woman?

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They burn it down and federal government pays to have it rebuilt, its like a city wide insurance scam. These people aren't loosing anything if anything they are gaining more federal aid, privileges and power.

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Lets be real here from the lefts point of view rioting is the most effective thing they can do. They spend all of 2020 burning looting and murdering and NOTHING was done to them while a republican was in office why would they ever stop when a democrat is in office?

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People murdered by BLM/Antifa in 2020, I'm sure this list isn't even near complete either sadly.

  1. David Dorn a 77 year old retired St. Louis police captain murdered by a looter on June 2nd.
  2. Barry Perkins III
  3. David McAtee
  4. Dorian Murrell
  5. Italia Kelly 22 years old, was shot in the back of the head during a "protest" for George Floyd on May 31st.
  6. Marquis M. Tousant
  7. Calvin L. Horton Jr
  8. James Scurlock
  9. Victor Cazares
  10. Dave Patrick Underwood 53 years old federal officer was working at the US courthouse in Oakland was shot and killed during a George Floyd "protest".
  11. Jorge Gomez
  12. Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr. 19 years old, was killed during a shooting during the "Chaz" take over in Seattle Washington on June 20th.
  13. Tyler Gerth
  14. Secoriea Turner 8 Years old, fatally shot as her mother attempted to park a car near a group of protesters near the Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was killed.
  15. Summer Taylor
  16. Robert Forbes
  17. Jessica Doty Whitaker 24 years old, was murdered by a BLM "activist" who confronted Whitaker shouting "Black Lives Matters" Whitaker had responded "All Lives Matter".
  18. Chris Beaty 38 years old, played football for Indiana University and was known as “Mr. Indianapolis.” He was shot and killed while trying to help two women who were being mugged on the street in downtown Indianapolis on May 30 during a "protest".
  19. Javar Harrell 21 years old, was reportedly sitting in the driver’s seat of a car in a parking lot with two others when someone fired shots into his vehicle and then ran away during a "protest" in Detroit on June 5.
  20. Jose Gutierrez
  21. John Tiggs
  22. Marvin Francois 50 years old, was killed on May 31 near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City during a "protest" for George Floyd.
  23. Antonio Mays Jr. was shot and killed during the "Chaz" take over in Seattle Washington on June 28th.
  24. Garrett Foster
  25. Bernell Trammell, a 60 year old Trump supporter was gunned down by an unknown assailant on July 23.
  26. Anthony Huber - convicted felon
  27. Joseph “Jojo” Rosenbaum - Convicted pedophile rapist
  28. Not yet named: 29-year-old Chicago man was shot and killed in what was ruled a homicide and attributed to “outside agitators” during the riots, according to the Chicago Sun Times.
  29. Not yet named: Unidentified male in his 20s was shot and killed by the owner of a gun store in Philadelphia while trying to loot his store.
  30. Not yet named: Philadelphia man tried to blow up an ATM to loot it and was killed, according to a CBS Philadelphia affiliate.
  31. Not yet named: Detroit man was shot and killed during protests, and police are searching for a woman identified as a person of interest.
  32. Aaron J. Danielson murdered for being a Trump supporter in Portland on August 29th.
  33. Michael Reinoehl
  34. Lee Keltner, Denver, Colorado protester shot and killed by Matthew Dolloff - Antifa member w/ Antifa tattoo on right wrist.
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Chill out fren, you sound like a leftist with a stick up his ass. I wasn't attacking you or your character no need to get all hostile or upset. You implied that cops will follow the orders of whoever they are severing under, so I replied that just following orders is never an excuse. Even if a cop is blindly following orders you agree with it doesn't make it the correct course of action since just following orders isn't legitimate reasoning.

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He was clearly the victim before he was arrested, antifa had been throwing rocks at vehicles all day the cops had yet to do anything prior. This was done in this way to deter others from standing up against antifa. FYI if you haven't figured it out yet the cops and antifa are on the same side of the commie coin, the entire "ACAB" crap was for show.

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Everything currently happening is planned out by those in power, all of MSM is bought and paid for along most the government and Hollywood. We are essentially watching the movie on how communism takes over play out live.

Fox will come out and "admit they helped trump attempt to steal an election" and take there public "lashings". This of course will help further seal the deal because even fox "admitted" it was "stolen".

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Those people are mostly white and the current communism regime is anti-white, so it isn't really a shocker at all.

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They didn't pick the most docile group of people to call racist, bigots, sexist transphobes because they knew they would fight back, just sayin.

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Sorry but that isn't how it works, woke ideology is a parasite that spreads like cancer its main purpose is to destabilize then destroy. Wokeism is simply the bulldozer for communism.

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