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You are arguing that dry pasta and rice are NOT essential prepping staples for most people including city dwellers because wheatberries.

I haven't got time for this nonsense.

You have been blocked.

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I can plant wheat berries and make more wheat. Can you farm rice?

You make a good argument about why it's super important to buy rice rather than wheat... because food diversity is critical and wheat is easy to grow.

Thank you for proving my point.

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Can you make rice from wheat berries?

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Anyone who doesn't understand not to eat fancy colored pool chlorine with coloring and salt and additives in it, shouldn't be treating water, handing food or owning Tide Pods.

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I tried to keep this super brief and focused mainly on city dwellers and suburbanites because they're the vast majority of those who'll need help.

I can keep rambling all day about different prepping techniques I've experimented with.

Please ask if you have any questions on something more specific such as super-cheap lighting using shortening candles, brands of solar rechargeable lights, emergency sources of water, minimum and cheap medical supplies, cheap and easy and amazing rocket stoves, etc.

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Whenever I write these prepping comments I try to focus on city dwellers and suburbanites because those are the vast, vast majority of the country.

Anyone with an acreages likely already knows what they're doing.

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The OP's water purification advice is ridiculous!

After collapse, few people will have the resources to waste on boiling drinking water.

Water purification tablets are just as ridiculous - far too expensive to use reliably.

These are the essential basics that you need to know.

  • Pool chlorine powder is your best long-term solution for purifying rain or river water. Pass water through cotton sheets or shirts to remove silt and debris. Chlorinate as needed. Don't fear using chlorinated water because that's what comes out of your kitchen tap because that's essentially what water treatment plants use. Leave the water containers unsealed for 24 hours to allow the fumes to evaporate to completely remove any chlorine taste. One container of pool chlorine powder will purify enough water to last a family of four for 400 years. Only chlorinate the water as you need it and give it a double-dose and allow 48 hours for it to work. Unlike bleach or some water purification tablets, pool chlorine powder doesn't expire if stored correctly. It will last forever.

  • Use a drop of food coloring to clearly identify what water has been treated so there's never any confusion.

  • Only collect rainwater from galvanized metal roofs because conventional roof tiles leak toxic chemicals.

  • If you can't afford to buy a water tank then consider the compromise of a $30 second hand 52 gallon pickle container. Keep them out of direct sunlight and they'll last for decades. Each container will hold enough water to last one adult for 100 days. Europeans refer to these as water butts - don't laugh.

  • If you can't collect water from your tiled roof then consider buying large rubber 15 gallon basins for rainwater collection. Buy several and stack them inside each other and then use them for storage until needed so they effectively don't take up any room. Use these to fill your water tank or water butts. You'll be surprised by how much you can collect after a few rainy days. This is a better option then leaving your family undefended while you carry water from the nearest river.

  • Beware that 5.3 gallon jerrycans seem like an ideal container for carrying water, however they weigh over 44 pounds when full (10 x 2 liter bottles of Pepsi). Many people can't carry that much very far so you might want to consider half filling them or buying smaller containers.


  • Dry rice and beans are fantastic, cheap, long-life staples.

  • You can save a LOT of fuel when cooking pasta by cold soaking it for about two hours first - until it's almost the texture you enjoy. Then all you'll need to is blanch it in boiling water or boiling pasta sauce for a minute until the starch is cooked, This will make restaurant quality pasta because this is how restaurants cook their pasta to ensure they can fill orders quickly. There's also a surprising amount of protein in dry grocery store pasta and it lasts a very long time if stored correctly.

  • Hardtack (ship's biscuit) is a type of salted biscuit that literally lasts forever. It's rock hard and needs to be soaked in coffee or broken up into soups or stews, but it does last forever if you're interested in extreme prepping.

  • I recommend you learn how to grow potatoes and carrots in large garden pots. These basic vegetables freeze and can be preserved perfectly. You'll be shocked by how much produce you'll get from just a few buckets. Your skills will become invaluable when the grocery store shelves are empty. Growing potatoes in buckets is also a great way to isolate them so a single disease doesn't destroy your entire crop. It also makes them easy to harvest because you can just tip the pot over onto a tarp and easily collect the produce.


What will you do if the toilets stop flushing? If you live in the city and don't have a garden to compost your waste safely then you'll need a LOT of disposable garbage bags and at least a bucket to sit on.

You can buy rudimentary portable "bucket toilets" from Home Depot for about $26... or fancier options for much more money.

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If you've never used a rocket stove then you have no idea how efficient and powerful they are: how they can heat a simple family meal using only a handful of sticks and twigs.

Open camp fires are only about 40% efficient because most of the highly combustible chemicals from the wood is lost into the air... Rocket stoves resolved this problem using a long neck to allow those chemicals to get hot enough to ignite and achieve a near 100% efficiency. This is a process called gassification.

This is the simple survivalist rocket stove design that I use. It's designed to be loaded once with sticks and twigs from the top, lit from the bottom vent and burn with enormous heat for about ten minutes - enough to heat a pot of baked beans or canned stew or bring cold water to a gentle boil.

Using literally a handful of sticks and twigs.

There are two types of people: those who assume rocket stoves aren't any good and those who've had their minds blown when using them.

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They don't even consider us to be human - just cattle without souls that were created by their god to be their disposable slaves.

They hate us almost as much as they hate Jesus Christ.

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I disagree with McCarthy.

I think President Trump should wear those impeachments with pride because they represent the New World Order's hatred for us.

It's no different to watching the History Channel to see what events they claim are hoaxes and who they claim is evil... so you can research the truth what really happened and who those people truly are.

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That's a fantastic idea.

I recommend people also consider attending EVERY local nationalist rally and demonstration for two reasons:

  1. Remind fellow attendees and onlookers that we are not a minority and we are strong when unified;

  2. Build your resistance network. Take a notepad and pen and talk to anyone holding a sign about which groups they belong to. Write down the names of everyone you meet (with a brief description) and the groups they belong to. You'll now be able to greet these people like old friends at your next rally and also research those groups and support them if you want.\

Understand that demonstrations are no long about sending a message to politicians. That boat sailed long ago.

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I don't mean to be a doomer, but whenever I head our New World Order subverted DoJ has taken down child sex or drug traffickers... I suspect they're only removing their child sex and drug trafficking competition.

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The same thing happened in Germany too, except they survived their BoIshevık communist KPD coup attempt of 1933 whereas our communist election coup of 2020 was sadly successful... In many ways I think that will make people more ready to take extreme measures because they know who's pushed them to extremes.

The good news is that many, many nations throughout history have dealt with their rodent subverted governments and we can do the same. Most became completely rat-free (for at least a short period).

German Christians showed us the total restoration of our national pride, traditional Christian values and economy can happen within a handful of years.

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I disagree because nations have been worse than us and recovered.

Germany's total recovery and cultural transformation took only five years in the 1930s and it all started with ending their foreign owned usury central bank.

By the end of that period, the major cities were completely rebuilt and Christians were holding massive celebratory rallies, pornography was banned, civilians were burning transsexual pornography and pedophilia in the street, Christianity was taught in every school and New World Order Critical Race Theory was banned, communist academics were despised, people brought shovels to marches as a tribute to their traditional Christian culture of simple hard work and family values.

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To be fair, Congress have speech laws prohibiting them from criticizing Israelis or referring to Hamas as anything but a terrorist group.

Our Congressmen can be locked in a prison cage for the rest of their lives if they violate these speech laws.

See H. R. 3515.


We have no speech laws about criticizing China.

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Another rodent would have just taken his place.

These people are like one huge cancer on the world.

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We were all normies once.

None of us were born as right wing nationalists wearing MAGA hats and waving the Gadsden flag.

I'd like to hear any constructive suggestions beyond just voting: what should we prepare or do that will help in the war against the New World Order?

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"Voting Harder" is critically important because it will make the New World Order's election fraud easier to detect and easier to red-pill normies. It'll also be important to red-pill and recruit more normies and for the historic record to easily show how necessary our actions will be.

Sincere and friendly question: What else do you suggest we do? What else should we be planning or preparing for? I have some suggestions but I'd like to hear your opinions first... but keep in mind the glowies will be reading this so please don't blatantly promote violence because that could harm this platform and might get you banned.

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