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Which is why you do not give them any information. You state that I do not wish to share with you my faith because we are persecuted for it. When they challenge it again, you explain this is the exact reason and you’re making me feel threatened.

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I think we should stop debating and arguing with people trying to kill you.

They don’t understand simple things like self preservation. You’re wasting your time. Just support and over exaggerate your emphasis on, they, specifically, getting cult jabbed. Again and again.

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Tiananmen square

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I saw a random post this morning mentioned nosebleeds and the cult jab in the same breath. Could be a coincidence I’m sure

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The Jewish creature “arieltroster” will be happily eating the bug legs her saviour intended.

That is… if she doesn’t die by next year due to “unrelated” complications.

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Hi Elon! China owes me billions of dollars

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Sounds like you hire the best unskilled worker for your unskilled jobs then… so would you say you’re full of shit or only half full of shit? Trying to insinuate that hiring the best people is somehow a bad thing?

Shut the fuck up.

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According to basedvirgin over here, you’re a Commie……

These people are victims of psychological abuse and it’s not their fault. I blame them anyways.

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If you still don’t understand I can say I’m not surprised.

You don’t empathize shit. You called em commies. Tuck your tail and smarten up.

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Thanks for confirmation! You don’t and still don’t own. Go and “manage” your own business then. LMFAO

According to you: hiring the best people for the job is communistic. Please also get yourself cult jabbed for the good of the nation.

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Do you even .win?????????????????? Look at some at the sheer size of these protests across the globe.

Every single “based” business has been crushed and or destroyed. (Don’t pretend otherwise ya twat) Those that have remained have compromised themselves and are drowning further into bankruptcy.

You sit there and righteously command them to make you a sandwich is pretty fucking ironic don’t ya think, princess?? It completely ignores everything happening around you and makes you sound like a fucking idiot.

Are you sure you’re not cult jabbed already??

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Entitled communists refuse to work….. are you mentally retarded?

“Every restaurant here is practically begging for people to work……… (you forgot the most important part: criteria for being hired is you must be cult jabbed and wear a mask)

fucking idiot. Please go and get your self vaccinated and pick up the slack then. Make your own sandwich.

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The fact this gets extra attention because we had to hear it from the little girl herself is so disturbing.

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That’s all it would last for anyways.

There would be a huge fucking bug problem tho

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