Remember when…             REEEEEEE! 
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This place was filled with praise for Lindsay Graham every day?

How about Crenshaw?



….. I wonder how this nicki Situation is gonna unfold………………………… …………

Remember sessions?

Remember Barr?

Remember Durham?

Remember macafee?

Remember when Tom Macdonald was chastised for featuring Blair white in a music video….

Remember when tucker Carlson said he’s frens with hunter biden?


Such a stupid button. Move it or remove it.


Perhaps the reason they hate ivermectin so much is because everyone is infected with this brain numbing parasite that’s responsible for everyone going full retard.

Wake up to clowny day

Those clowns all honk, loud and fake

Don't listen t'what the TV said

They talk that talk but, they're full of shit

They're crushing dreams, pushing pills

They stole my job and pay their bills

Twisting, fixin, get your rig

even in elections you cheat big

World's out there hearing the truth

Another fake hoax on the evening news

Think to myself: "really? this case is moot?"

I am so fucking done and tired of you.

Why oh why can't you admit he won?

When all the audits are done

Proving the biggest fraud

Why oh why do you hate me?

When all I want is to feel loved

And support president Trump

Why can't you admit he won

Your president is Fake

You should wear your mask and suffocate


Inspired by Theory of a Deadman RX(medicate)

Sometimes pede's get creative!! Feel free to add or critique if you've heard the track before. For reference,

Make the mask the new Klan hoods 🤡🌎 HONK HONK 🌎🤡
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Don't let your memes be dreams!

Have you ever noticed that it is always WHITE people who wear the mask? That they ALWAYS form a MOB to attack non members? They wear their masks like those that used to wear the white hoods. To intimidate and show their victims that they are outnumbered and that they better shut the fuck up.

The mask is white supremacy and it must be abolished for what it truly is. A symbol of HATRED!

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Ms Hoover explains Chinese virus ( 🖕FUCK CHINA🖕
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Is it the new intelligence agency to replace the cia?

Or at least the the real reason for space force is mainly for intelligence and data interception/ collection.

I can see how this could easily be working with DOD


I'm watching YouTube on my smart TV when it goes down at 7:30.

My TV doesn't work at all anymore....

Not saying it's related... But... I'm sure you can imagine.

And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I fwee 🇺🇸🎖️ MEME ARMY 🎖️🇺🇸
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And I won't forget that my frens, Are all centipedes, And I'll gladly shit-post (tsshhh) Meme again And updoot every Pepe

Cuz, this is kekistan, Praise kek and shadilay


I am nervous the site might go down tonight.


Pedes already know what's up.

If you feel "sorry" for bidens then you're probably new around here. Take a moment and catch up, you're a couple a couple a couple years behind.


LeT Me FiNiSH MuH QuesTiOn!

It's a cult folks ( WITCH HUNT 🧙🔥
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Victory is in the air.... I can smell it. ( #WALKAWAY
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It's annoying hitting it when I'm trying to save spicy memes

2020 (
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Checkmate speech police.


I want one :)

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