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Keep getting promoted... or suck a dick until you do.

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Imagine getting hired at a new company, and before you even start you tell everyone "I can't wait to wipe my ass with the mission statement."

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Your wife is going to med school, non-stop. You're working a tough job, and supplying for the both of you. Years go by. You've paid most of the bills, most of her school, etc... and now she's a doctor. You have a kid or two. Things are awesome.

Suddenly... you get divorced. Doesn't matter why. Right now she's making 5x the money you're making, and as years go by will probably make even more.

Should she get the kids? According to your model, yes. Which is stupid, because you just provided for the family for years, and you could still provide a loving, nurturing environment for your children while she helps out from her end. You might even be better-suited to be the custodial parent, especially since she's working long hours, etc..

I'll agree with you that the court system has been historically biased toward awarding custody to the mother, but that's because men were the breadwinners and women generally acted as the caretakers/upbringers. It's a lot different now. Joint-custody is almost always awarded (except in the case of drug use, sexual abuse, etc...) with both parents getting equitable shares of visitation, even if one of them has to be selected as primary residential.

The needs and security and mental well-being of the children should ALWAYS come first.

P.S. Trust me, I despise any woman who won't let her husband "see" his kids. It's disgusting, and you should always file a police report whenever you're denied your legal visitation (and then follow up with the judge).

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The kids should be living with the parent who can provide the most care, love, safety, security, and stability. If that's the dad, I'm all for it. But to say "whoever makes the most money gets the kids" is patently foolish. Man or woman, that person might be working crazy hours and/or not be able to be there to get the kids on/off the bus, feed them regular meals, spend daily quality time with them, etc...

Believe me, I'm for EQUAL representation of parents when it comes to children of divorce. Mom and dad should both have access to their children, with the focus on keeping them happy, healthy, and raised by two loving parents - even if the parents don't love each other.

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There’s no such thing as dead beat dads.

This is about as stupid to say as "believe all women."

There are assholes of all sizes, shapes, colors, and sexes. A divorced parent should help financially support his or her children if they live with the other parent most of the time (so the state doesn't have to). Penis or vagina.

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I feel like the UK might finally be waking up, and the leaders -- sensing power might be slipping away -- are seriously abusing the covid thing to keep a stranglehold on the citizens. They're going to milk this thing until it's bone fucking dry, spinning PCR cycles higher and higher to create all new 'waves' of fear.

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How fucked up is it that all I can see is the one asshat who'll intentionally cause an avalanche and then fake an injury. Any jury in the world will award millions to said asshat, once they realize someone stacked heavy 12-packs a good 10 feet in the air.

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They're calling it "FDA Approved." Technically it's "FDA approved for emergency use", but it could easily be argued this is not an emergency.

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This guy knows his shit.

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Hate to say it, but if I were a doctor I'm not risking my medical license for $500. Especially with all the crazy libs out there, and when every single person has a recording device on them, 24/7.

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Are you a parent? I can protect her only so far as she'll let me. I've showed her the evidence and prepared her with the truth. But she's her own person. I can't stop her from taking the vaccine if she wants to, any more than our grandparents could stop our parents from smoking or drinking or doing drugs if they wanted to. All you can do is educate, educate, educate, and hope.

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My daughter is going into her final year of college, volleyball scholarship, last year playing on the team. Her college announced they're requiring the vaccine for all students, and now she's devastated.

She's based as fuck, we raised her conservative. Even so, she's torn. All her teammates/classmates are getting the vaccine just to go back to school. Most don't even want it. I've shared all the info with her and told her the dangers, but ultimately she's a young woman now and the decision is hers.

I have normally rational friends who got the vaccine because they "want to go see sporting events and concerts". Unfuckingreal. I know other friends who are based as well, but they've caved to pressure from inlaws and such to get the vaccine.

My point is this: it's not just the libtards getting the jab. It's based, conservative people as well. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to see the forest for the trees. And the constant news / TV commercials / radio spots touting "ThE VaCcInE iS sAfE aNd EfFeCtIvE!" definitely isn't helping.

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Let's not pretend the two have to be mutually exclusive.

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Pretty sure he bought the Riddick stuff too, and made the last movie on his own dime(?) Not 100% on that, but Pitch Black rocked.

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I moved here to Have views of a natural world

Meanwhile, the entire photo is criss-crossed with telephone poles and wires.

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She isn't in charge here either.

No, she certainly is not. But on paper she is. So if the skunt is going to have a pretend VP party complete with cookies and everything, America should call her out on every single responsibility she shirks. Make her say cataclysmically embarrassing things, like this, so the people still asleep can wake the fuck up.

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You're not IN CHARGE of Europe, you dumb skank.

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