I saw a debunking of the story of the man who went to 43 hospitals but "no room" due to unvaccinated. But now I can't find a reference -- search engines are tight on spreading the lie. Anyone have a link?

Just wondering.


What is our next move?

This is scary.


So I heard of a hospital in Florida that was described as overflowing. With morgues over loaded and freezer trucks coming in to store the corpses. Heard Dr. Jane Ruby investigated and found it was all a lie.

Now ... my covidstani mother sent me a Newsweek article about how hospital is putting beds in the garage, over crowding, etc.

Anyone have first hand knowledge?

Can we send people to shoot down all these stories as soon as they arise?


What's our strategy then?

Obviously they are dangerous. Probably the bio weapon. But three letter agencies are corrupt. No reason to think the FDA isn't either.

What's our game plan for this scenario?


I'm seeing more and more Leftists who are publicly willing to state that they WANT segregation by vaccination status. Top of my head I can rattle off Donny Deutch, Kathleen Sibbilius, Geraldo Revera, De Blasio, even Biden.

I think we need to record this and point it out, hands down.

Vaccine passports ARE Jim Crow / Segregation -- even worse! At least Jim Crow allowed blacks to have some restaurants or some bathrooms. I have not heard De Blasio talk about setting any restaurants / planes / bathrooms aside for the non vaccinated.

They ARE the yellow star.

And we need to make this clear.

Maybe a website where we can say: You can choose a mask or not. Choose to get the vaccine or not. But when you support turning a fellow American into a second class citizen based on their choices you proved -- once and for all -- that the only reason you're not a supporter of Segregation or the Yellow Stars is because you're in 2021 America rather than 1950 America or 1930 Germany. Had you been there, you would have done that.

So have a portrait of these public figures. Super impose it with a swastika or, I dunno, a KKK hood. Or make up our own symbol and label to designate these people as supporters of actual segregation.

And one website where they can always be looked up, checked, remembered, harassed on Twitter, pretty much until they recant these evil position.

I don't have the computer or artistic know-how to make this happen. But I think it's an important idea.

They want to shame us? Two can play that game.


Anyone know where to find the video of the girl who describes the incremental loss of freedom? It's just a mask it's just a vaccine, it's just the republicans...


So I think we know....

Vax is dangerous.

But they don't care. They want you to take it.

They can't make it mandatory until it's approved by FDA -- I think?

Why hasn't FDA approved it then?

Are we supposed to believe they're more virtuous and less corrupt than other government bodies? Because at this point, I'm hard pressed to believe that.


Crazy call from my mother still trying to get me vaccinated. Among her ... words.... (I don't want to use mean words) was that India was "devastated" by a variant.

I believe I heard that the India devastation was mostly in the headlines and not actuality. But I can't recall where or if. Anyone got some commentary on what happened in India?

Anyone got a link to Biden's tirade in December 2020 about how America is doomed and then goes into that racist demographic rant?


Lib mother says masks work because "flu disappeared."

My answers are this...

  1. They get rediagnosed as Covid... covid gets the hospital money.
  2. If masks helped the flu, we would have known it for centuries, along with chicken soup.
  3. The studies said masks don't help prior to 2020, where they were censored.

Anyone else got some answers to add to this list? I know she'll doubt all of them. (And yours too, but I kinda just want to add some arrows to the quiver.)


I love Hereistheevidence.com.

But they have a claim on the top and I cannot find the link.

The claim is that GOP plaintiffs won 14 out of 21 of the court cases where evidence was actually allowed to be introduced.

Is there a link that summarizes and identifies these 14 cases?

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