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The plan will work if all we do is sit around on the internet waiting to get disarmed one at a time.

They keep us controlled with fake leadership walking us in circles as they kill off one freedom after another.

We need to change strategies soon or it's not long before we are a gayer version of China.

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I wonder if the Talmud promoting 6+ genders has anything to do with all the gay tranny shit being crammed down our throats at the moment.

This all comes at a time when Israel is trying to ban the teaching of Christ in their country.

They are also trying to ban the Christian Orthodox churches in Ukraine which is also led by a gay Jew.

The same people pushing for gun control are also the same people pushing mental illness onto our population.

Wonder if anyone is starting to notice some of the same things about our '' greatest ally '' like I am

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You sound like a fully vaxxed and neutered faggot.

Plenty of men and woman carry daily and to most locations.

Have fun waiting for the police to peel you off the concrete after your encounter with a bunch of cultural diversity.

Wake the fuck up, this isn't 1950's America anymore. High trust society is dead and walking around like an unarmed lemming will get you victim status faster than not in many parts of the country now.

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Especially if he signs Florida House Bill 269.

100% attack on free speech and only an epic faggot would sign it.

If you actually believe in free speech and live in Florida, make sure DeSantis doesn't sign this shit.

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It will be worse when they move the rest of central America in and street shitters from around the rest of the 3rd world to fill all the vacancies.

Don't think they are just going to kill off a bunch of whiteys and not move a bunch of obedient field workers in to take their place.

It's kind of why the border is open like it is.

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It's a demographic replacement and mind control device, it's also working.

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Wearing a mask to protest isn't a bad Idea, I am just pointing out that many MAGA folks do wear masks and it's for the reasons the media told them to, not to mask identity.

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But there is a whole class of people who grift off the federal reserve to fund their world domination aspirations.

What are they supposed to do if we limit their system of usury ?

Nation thieves gotta eat too !

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I've seen plenty of older and dumb Trump supporters still wear the mask.

It's usually low IQ Trump woman and old boomer Neo-cons. They are usually the Trump supporters from the bigger cities still suckling off the MSM propaganda machine.

Think of all the Trump supporters who actually went out and got the operation warp speed juice without even thinking twice.

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and the non-Qtards who refused to ever step up and take action would be right next to them listening to the retardation thinking they are somehow better.

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You can't offend or criticize anyone unless they are White and or Christian.

Try saying something about Jews for instance. It's even worse than saying shit about Muslims.

Look at the proposed Florida House Bill 269 as an example.

White people have lost or are in the process of losing their voice and agency in every country they have historically ran or inhabit.

I am sure it's all just a coincidence and there is not group of people specifically targeting Whites in their homelands.

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You know what does work ? Meming from our homes and voting harder.

We will get em next time guys !!!!!!

Never leave your home, never risk anything, never stand up for what you believe. Just stay inside and be good tax cattle.

This is how we take our country back !!!!!!

If you fight for your rights you are a FED !!!!!!!

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If he signs Florida HB 269 Fuck him straight to hell.

100% attack on free speech.

He signs this and he proves himself just another swamp creature who says what we want to hear, but will stab us in the back like the rest.

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That does sound like a ban I can get behind. Constitutional assault politicians should all be hung for treason.

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How long do you think hiding inside is going to work out for us ?

The globalist commies aren't just going to go away because we don't engage them.

In fact it's why they are so bold now. We don't stand up for what we believe in and risk absolutely nothing to keep what we have. This is why we are slowly losing everything .

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The media and talking heads responsible for willfully pushing the lies should be on the list as well.

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Wishful thinkers still believe there is a peaceful solution out of global communist tyranny.

Just have to be patient and eventually reality will sink in for these folks.

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I promise you this. Nothing changes until enough people realize how bad the situation really is.

We can try and pretend it's not that bad and kick the can down the road to another generation as has been happening or we can step up and actually take back charge of our system.

There is a reason the country is in perpetual decline no matter who is in charge and for many decades now.

We have a foreign occupied government and they have 0 plans of relinquishing control. Our problems are larger than just our voting system. We don't even control our own money supply.

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False Equivalence.

Basketball is a reffed game played out in the open for the masses where the rules are simple and easy to follow.

It's very likely large parts of the election system function simply as an illusion of choice to placate the mindless hoards of group thinkers.

Some local elections are still working as intended, but most of the levers of power over the nation are not.

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You are right on both accounts. This place is filled with subversives and chicken shit cowards who need to sack the fuck up and fight for their country.

If you are unwilling to actually leave your home and support what you believe in then you deserve everything the filthy commie fucks have planned for you.

Freedom requires a lot more than obediently paying taxes and casting votes in illusion of choice elections.

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Why is everyone so focused on a puppet and not its string pullers ?

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It's all a big theater, everything is fake and gay.

Look how confused and distracted everyone is while we all get fleeced like mindless sheep.

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